Can Life REALLY be the Fabulous Ride of Your Life?

Feeling REALLY inspired ~ in~spirit ~ to share with you here today….. I attracted a new bike at the weekend and its got me all gushing about trusting your vibes, listening to your inner guidance and following your heart ~ early last month I was feeling low on the emotional scale about riding my old conked out heavy bike to the gym and back and decided to have a break, I wasnt feeling all the “people” either ~ it just wasnt a vibrational match (btw ~ connected with this I was led to making a few videos about negative people / vibes and clearing yourself I will share the vids at the bottom of this blog post)  ~ with that said I did dip a little further down about not going then decided to celebrate the break rather than beat myself up about it.

I decided to enjoy the time I had given myself to do something different and focus on something else….. Rather than “trying” to go to somewhere I didn’t want at the time or force myself to do it I relaxed breathed and allowed into other things which were at the time my highest excitement ~ rather than making myself “wrong” for it I asked ~ “Whats right about this?”  “How can this best serve me?” ~ BTW thats how I feel we should live life ~ follow that which is your highest excitement and live in the question which creates the most magical manifestations 🙂 I knew this would be the next best steps as well as having time to clear and clean UP my vibes before taking action to be sure the action is inspired ((((((((in~spirit))))))))

So I did ~ I had time to set up ((((((((FREE)))))))) taster sessions in my coaching business as well as organizing my flow for my book and events I am running, completing some training I had planned as well as spending extra time focusing on me ~ meditating ~ breathwork ~ relaxation ~ this felt GOOD 🙂  and what do you think happened whilst I was feeling GOOD?  I had the best month I have even had in my business and to be honest the most balanced month I have had on a personal level in a long while…..

The lesson learnt…….

Sometimes we think we “have” to do certain things to feel a certain way ~ we “try” to follow the conditioning which has been set in place for us by others rather than following our heart and soul guidance ~ we get busy with it ~ always doing ~ moving forward ~ riding without clear direction……  We do what we think rather than what we FEEEEEEEEL ~ When actually by stopping the chatter ~ quieting our minds ~ asking our inner guidance and trusting what comes through we are led on a much more fabulous ride and life gets REALLY REALLY exciting 🙂

I was able to treat myself to a bright and shiny new red bike  at the weekend which has sparked an old hobby to be magically brought back into my life ~ I LOVE it SO much I have done about 30 miles of local countryside in the last couple of days with my gorgeous partner Cat ~ who incidentally LOVES his mountain biking and riding together has sparked a whole heap of passion for life between us 🙂 WHOOHOOO! & I am super excited to ride to the gym for swim yoga and steam this morning ~ as well as a weekly ride to see friends and family ~ its opened new fresh brighter more FABulous doors on the ride of my life and I am SO grateful 🙂

&&&&&& My free taster sessions I am gifting have completely changed my whole business and vibe and I am absolutely loving it so much so that I have set up my flow to gift 10 each and every week and I am speaking to beautiful people from all over the world and helping the positive flow and ripples whilst doing so…. I also completed my Access Consciousness Training and am now a fully qualified BARs facilitator and have already run my first full day class (more planned check this link if you wanna come play BARs Courses with Liz )  & I feels REALLY clear ~ on new life levels and ready for the ride of my life ~  how it get any better than this?  What else is possible?

SO…………….What would it take for your life to be a fabulous ride?  What area’s of your life are you just “riding” along with what you think you should be doing?  What can you do differently to enhance your life from this day forward?

I have to share the picture of my new brighter than a bright thing pink ridging jacket I manifested yesterday ~ it fits like a glove and its called “dare to be” ~ says it all hey!  Dare to be!  😉

Dare to be different and follow your vibes rather than the crowd….. YOU ALWAYS know best……  & give yourself a break when you take the time out which you so lovingly require ~ its all good !

You = Your Guru ~ G ~ U ~ R ~U        AkA         Gee You Are YOU!    Congratulations and celebrations WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!

& if a the gift of a taster session from me to you feels great get in touch I would luuuurve to be of service and help you gain clarity in your life moving on up the emotional scale ~ you can learn lots more about my coaching here ~ One to Ones with Liz

Dare to Be YOUnique!

What do you think?  &&&& on a PS note ~ Last night I felt inspired to watch the cycle show with Mark Beaumont on and manifested front row tickets to see his inspirational talk about cycling the world ~ YAY!  Universe continue to surprise and delight me beyond my wildest dreams! 🙂  Love and appreciation flowing 🙂

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