Every Morning for 30 days, I will Intentionally Intend……

What are the infinite possibilities magical universe?

Everything is changing and we are being called ~ MORE NOW THAN EVER ~ to follow our inner guidance

~ I sent this out to my mailing list yesterday ~  I trust all is well in your world ~ I feel like I have lived 2 years in about 2 weeks worth of emotions and realizations ~ how about you? Its all happening and we are being called to follow our hearts more and more and more….. Where to start? So much to share….. I had an absolutely magical time in Wales staying in the most unique extra~ordinary magical cottage I have ever experienced thank you thank you thank you magical universe ~ I re-connected to source and gained a LOT of insights into the way forward ~ Some resistance came up when I arrived home last week ~ I promised myself I would clear through it knowing its all good ~ listening to my inner voice and trusting my vibes  ~ I also said that all co-operative components are coming together and had a real sense of TRUST yesterday……..

Since this (& asking Where to Start? in my mailer) things are starting to present their selves with remarkable timing ~ I LOVE this flow!  SO much has POPPED in this last month or so ~  I guess since winning the women inspiring women award in June I quickly realized in among all this amazing stuff manifesting that I was creating another upper level limiting cycle with certain things in my life which started to go more wrong than before by holding onto the past ~ well this time I AM focusing and sticking with the great stuff and as for the not so great stuff ~ the contrast ~ I am jumping into my vibrational reality ~ the positive vortex ~ the where the magic happens place 🙂  its calling me…………. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

In the last 24 hours, since I sent my mailer mentioned above, I have been sent the 30 day process numerous times in varying ways ~ it is SO clear my magical universe wants me to do this and maybe by you being here today reading this your magical universe wants you to do it too…… WHOOHOOO!

At magical Monday meet up this card came out…..

then the following video was sent to me whilst I was reading an e-mail on facebook from a wonderful connection asking me if I had done the 30 days and did I want a load of info sending to me ~  I was like “YES YES YES Please ~ LOAinAction on Superdrive”!!  WHOOHOOO!  What else is possible?  Hows it get any better than this?   Join me if it feels fun ~ join me if it feels good to you ~ I feel this will tie in beautifully with our 21 days of magic in the LAB and will be creating a group for the 30 day process on here 🙂  &&&&&&&& get this ~ did I mention………….. the LAB is now ((((((((((((FREE))))))))))) to join YAY! Click here to Join the fun & the 30 days group 🙂

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Jerry says “its” great being back ~ its like being home” at the end of this vid ~ such a fantabulous breadcrumb from our magical universe ~ I AM BACK BABY & THIS TIME I AM HAVING IT BIG TIME!  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I must go to the vortex where this new and improved version of me is ~ where all the co-operative components reside ~ where my gird fills in perfectly ~ wellbeing abounds ~ I can feel it calling ~ can you? 😉

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is SO perfect ~ do you feel we are back in the flow ~ the waves of deeee~light rushing over our bodies ~ our magical universes saying yes yes yes this is it ~ follow this guidance ~ follow our whispers ~ listen we are hear (here) supporting you……………… bliss~full~filled ♥ ♥ ♥

Love & appreciation flowing to you ~ thank YOU for being here sharing this magical life journey with me ~ be sure to sign up for my mailing list ~ pop your details in the box top right for the RIGHT kind of vibes in your in~box and let me know if I can be of service to you ~ my doors always open ♥ One to One Coaching with Liz & enjoy some Shopping in the Vortex

& as always a thank you for all the wonderful donations flowing my way they are accepted with infinite love and appreciation ♥

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