The Law of Attraction How To ~ Introduction Online Video Training with Liz Green

Read the Secret but feel lost?  Looking to create your ideal life?  Want to know how to get Law of Attraction Working in your life?

How to Attract More of What You Want & Less of What You Don’t with Liz Green

Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Life
A very powerful force is at work in your life. Its called the law of attraction and right now it is attracting people, jobs, situations and relationships into your life — not all of them good!
In this session, expert Law of Attraction trainer Liz Green, AkA The Law of Attraction Queen & How TO Girl, teaches you how to apply Law of Attraction to your advantage so you can attract more of what you desire in your life.

Its been a long time coming!  WHOOHOOO!  here’s your chance to take part in the first of Liz’s video training courses ~ this is the Law of Attraction Introduction ~ packed with tips and tricks to totally transform your life!  this is it!  Are you Ready?

The investment for this valuable life changing training is £11.11 click the paypal button below and you will be e-mailed the video and worksheet links to get started right away  🙂  happy high vibes!  Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is a highly content-rich, 40 minute training session & vibe share, you will learn:

Why and how Law of Attraction works
Why you are attracting negative things and how you can start attracting what you desire
The three-step process for deliberate attractionThe secret to becoming more abundant. You will also bring home strategies for maintaining good language, positive thoughts

A worksheet will be provided.

Liz Green lives in Calder Grove, near the beautiful English countryside of West Yorkshire.
Liz has earned a reputation as Liz Green the Law of Attraction Queen Famous for spreading her positive vibes right around the world and back as well as being the “How To Girl” when it comes to the practical application of Law of Attraction, teaching people the tools, tips and techniques so they can apply it to their lives. Liz is a fully certified Law of Attraction Facilitator successfully coaching many people from a wide and varied range of backgrounds around the globe, she oozes positive energy both offline and online shining a light for millions of people to help them create a FABulous life……

Liz has been fully trained by and worked closely with her friend and mentor Mr Michael Losier Author of The Law of Attraction & The Law of Connection star of and coach to Oprah….. WHOOHOOO!

& I bet you thought there was only ONE Queen of England!

Investment in the training is £11.11 ~ click on the paypal below to purchase and you will be sent a direct mail with full access

here’s lots more details:

This is a highly content-rich, 40 minute training session & vibe share, you will learn:

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