What to do when things feel Bad, Uncomfortable and Kinda Wrong……

Without knowing the things which you no longer want how would you know what you do want?

Without having the negative feelings how would you know how great it feels to feel that delicious positive happy energy?

Sometimes it can feel bad, uncomfortable and kinda wrong when the things which no longer serve you start to fall away, this includes Β the feelings, emotions and cycles you may be caught up in. Β This is the most important time to gain clarity ~ to clean up your vibes and focus upon what you do want and where you do want to be going rather than that which is feeling bad and wanted to fall away….. Let go ~ Let go ~ Let go…….

Allow the unwanted things, the feelings, the stuff, the habits, patterns and routines to be acknowledged, accepted and allowed ~ that which we resist persists ~ accept and love this part of you ~ with allowance comes powerful clarity and with powerful clarity comes powerful positive manifestations…..

Without the dark how would there be light? Β Even the tiniest bit of light can light up your whole world…. Know that all is well and you are completely loved and safe here ~ breathe relax allow….

with Love,
Lizzy Β β™₯

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