How to Let Go of Habits and Limits Which Hold You Back……

Float on a Wave of Love ~ All IS Well.....

As you start to FEEL better the circumstances around you will start to mirror your feelings ~ you always see a reflection of  you and your vibes so once you turn it around and focus upon how you do want to feel your world will reflect this….  If you have felt “stuck” in negative contrast this fast turn around can seem un~nerving ~ relax this is just your ego ~ your negative monkey mind chatter trying to hold you back with its current limits…. Over the years habits have formed ~ habits to hold you back in a limited reality…..  Now is the time for these habits to fall away ~ its an inside job….  Appreciate and love the positive results as they flow in ~ trust that more will come as if on angels wings 🙂

Imagine you are floating up high in the beautiful sky ~ carried along by love ~ peace ~ calm ~ protection ~ all is well ~ you are safe ~ breathe in the freshness of life…. Breathe it all in….

When any limiting beliefs arise or you feel you may be restricting yourself  take yourself to this place…. You may notice you restrict your breath as you restrict your happiness sometimes ~ remember to breathe ~ expand out into the world in your minds eye ~ expand out to the size of the earth then the universe ~ to infinity and beyond ~ breathe it ALL in ~ You ARE this Powerful ~ You ARE an Amazing infinite being ~ ANYthing IS possible….

When you get on an upward flow and the magic starts to happen allow it and expect even more ~ Breathe it ALL in & Ask your magical universe ~ What else is possible?

with Love,

Lizzy  ♥

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100,000 angels are with you right now ~

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