The Magic of Me….. & YOU

I’m nearly half way through my season 5 of the 21 days of magic  ~ its day 10 today which is about the 5th Universal Law which I feel is just a reflection of the Law of Attraction ~
The Law of Cause & Effect
Nothing ever happens by chance. We reap what we sow, every action has a reaction and consequence. What we put out there we get back. Karma….

The magic is flowing in my life!

& I can definitely feel the magic of me…. I also get that this in turn means the magic of you too….. Remembering the mirrors which we all are of each other 🙂

This time around I am living in the question of “What are the infinite possibilities?” I have also been led to a 30 day abundance game where I am appreciating the abundance of everything around me starting with the smallest tiniest details and appreciating the fullness of that 🙂

Its magic!  So I guess I’m magic…..

So much is happening!  Law of Attraction in action is popping all over the place ~ I feel I am awakening on a new life level – getting so much more ~ what used to be contrast is now just reasons to be happy and know I’m in flow – helping me get clear on the kind of life I do want.  We are clearing the way for this whole new lifestyle for everyone 🙂   The 21 days is helping me to stay on track doing just that…..

Where I once got caught up in the negative contrast of life for what could be days leading to weeks and a few years ago even months is now hours or even just minutes ~ This is the true magic of me… & YOU!

YOU are just a mirror of a part of me shining back ~ YOU are magic!


What would it take for you to experience the 21 days of magic in your life?

What would it take for you to join the LAB ~ AkA Law of Attraction believers community? Click here to join the LAB Community What else is possible?  How does it get any better than this?

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