Is this YOUR Year? How to move on UP & get clarity about what you DO want…..

Remember this is your year of personal power energy, this is about you being true to who you really are on a heart and soul level…. When something is calling you follow this, trust your inner guidance and knowing which is leading you on the best possible path right now…. When something seems “off”  feels heavy or doesn’t appear to be working know that you need to let this fall away or make a smooth transition to that which better suits you at this time in your life.  You know what this is….. Your heart will let you know…. You always know best for you ~ you know the truth for you ~ Ask the right questions and you will receive the perfect answers…..

Marching into March knowing this actually IS your year ~ the time is now and anything IS possible…..  Let me shine a light for you and help you gain clarity and ask the right questions to help you tune into your very own extra super special inner guru who knows the perfect path for you 🙂

My door is always open for one to one coaching online, offline ~ anyline ~ Phone, Skype in person whatever best suits you ~ you know best 🙂  If you feel now is the time for clarity in your life and would like support having it let me know, I am now taking bookings and in the month of March I am offering your very own extra super special magical macrame gratitude bracelet with a purple theme to tie in perfectly with the top of the emotional scale which is where you will be after sessions with me! WHOOHOO!!

Moving on UP?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Identify where you are on the emotional scale in each area of your life and lets start with the vibrational cleaning and get your vibes high! 🙂

Its all good….

If you feel you would like to move on UP get in touch I would love to be of service ~ I offer a free 10 minute consultation so you can see if what I offer resonates with you ~ just reach on out and let me know how I can best serve you ~

When you know what you DONT want you can then in turn flow towards that which you DO want…..

FREE 10 minute consultation if this is a match for you, just get in touch as I said my doors always open 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Liz you are amazing!! I can highly recommend coaching with Liz :)” Melissa from Bristol

Visit my main coaching page and learn lots more here ~ One to One Coaching with Liz

Online, offline, anyline ~ whatever best suits you – I offer 1 off sessions, small, medium and large packages to best suit your needs…..

I look forward to sharing vibes and co-creating with you 🙂  Here’s a piccie of the magical macrame graitude bracelet you will be gifted with ~

To learn more about the Magical Macrame Gratitude bracelets visit ~ Shopping in the Positive Vortex ~ Magical Macrame Gratitude bracelets hand made by Liz ~ Gratitude Bracelets & get this……The Law of Attraction Believers Community 21 days of magic is growing! More info about the LAB Law of Attraction Believers Community Join here The LAB

lotsa love to youhooohoooo 😉

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