Are you being who you REALLY are? Guidance to uplift you…..

When certain things in your life fall by the wayside this means they no longer serve you, they no longer serve your greater good and in turn the greater good of those around you. Β  NOW is the time to be really true to you, this is the year for great personal clarity. This is the year to follow your heart and soul passion every step of the way, to tune into what you REALLY desire in life and more importantly to be who you REALLY are. Β  Β The more you can shine your true and natural light out in the world the brighter your life will become. Β  Β As you hear these words here today you will know of the things which are ready to leave your life, you will have awareness of the old and outdated ways you may have been “trying” to hold onto for fear of what may happen if you let go.

Trust the process know that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time, however mixed up life may sometimes feel know that you are loved and all is well. Fear is the very same energy as excitement – start to become excited about all these magnificent changes which are happening. Start to shift your thoughts and feelings to that of a playful and childlike energy ~ excited to see how everything unfolds….. Get clear & get excited about the wonderment of what magical things can happen so you can finally live the life you truly desire – Life IS supposed to be fun, its supposed to be easy! If you are unable to do this or think this way – clean up – clean up your vibes! Be honest with yourself….

Trust that as you clean up your vibes more and more and gain clarity even in the most up and down situations you will be moving up the vibrational scale each time getting clearer and clearer about what you DO want. Keep on keeping on knowing all is well whatever it is you have the tools within you to be able to stay in flow. Now is a very important time to do your own daily spiritual practices – look at these spiritual practices as your suit of amour to protect you on your life journey. Whatever your own personal practices are you will know them from within you, your heart will lead you. Follow this….. Be sure to notice the signs your magical universe sends you to open you up to the best practices for you ~ the books you are led to, the people who help you, coach you and inspire you, the places you discover, workshops, courses, training you require ~ just like being here today, this is all opening you up to your most magnificent life – your most magnificent you! Trust this process….

Tune into your heart and come from a place of love with whatever situations arise during this coming month, know that all is well and you are loved know that by coming from a place of love and using this loving energy you can start to make important shifts in your own life and the direction you are now taking. Flow loving energy to every situation ~ forgive and clean up the negative contrast & love the lessons you are learning ~ appreciate it all and accept it all for it is this which makes you the person you are right now. This is your magnificent life in the right here and now ~ your life to love and the more you love life the more it loves you back!


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