The Secret to Manifesting Your Ideal 2012…..

Hello there my Fellow Positive Thinkers! πŸ™‚

I trust you are having a beautiful festive holiday time, how does it get any better?

Affirm ~ How could today turn out better than anything I could have ever imagined or plan?

I am VERY Excited to invite you to create your ideal 2012 along with me, online, offline, anyline ~ I am certain we can manifest the best way to play…. January is already fun filled and jam packed with pure positive energy, here’s your options to cherry pick from ~


I am starting the 21 days of magic again next week ~ I invite you along ~ everyONE welcome The LAB ~ Law of Attraction Believers Community & 21 Days of Magic
The First Online Workshop of 2012! WHOOHOO ~ Manifest Your Ideal 2012 Online Workshop


1st Transformational Tuesday of 2012! I am EXCITED! ~ Transformational Tuesday 3rd January 2012 ~ 7pm Bagden Hall
VERY 1st Super Sunday @ Friends Meeting House Central Wakefield Manifest Your Ideal 2012 ~ Super Sunday 8th January

(If you are reading this after the dates listed you can find all the recent meet ups here ~ Law of Attraction Magical Meet UPs


One to One Coaching, Skype, telephone or in person ~ Manifest Your Ideal 2012 ~ Gain Positive Clarity Turn It Around!

I am SOOOOOooooooo Excited to be sharing all these magical vibes, as you can tell I am following my highest passion and purpose (& if you know me you will know this…..) if you get the goosebumps or feel inspired to do so reach out, let me know how I can help you…..

I am also offering a number of scholarship places for my workshops (offline & online) ~ I am here to best serve you and the greater good of the world in 2012, get in touch if you feel this is for you…. Also remember there are nearly 1000 free posts here on my website for you to soak up as well as daily inspiration I share all over the internet including Facebook on a daily basis…..

We are all in this together πŸ™‚

I send you uggins and uggins of lovely love and promise I will be back VERY soon with my message for 2012….. stay tuned in! Liz Green Live on YouTube

Remember to ask ~ How could today turn out better than anything I could have ever imagined or plan?

Go out there into the world and sprinkle your magic and sparkle all over the place!

Shared with Love & Positive Vibes,

LOVE YOU! πŸ™‚ Β & Thank YOU! πŸ™‚

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