How does it get better than this?

Its been a rock and roller of a coaster week this week UP and Down ~ Round and Round! My OH My I have washed my eyeballs a few times this week and I am now feeling very grateful I am starting to see things EVEN clearer…..

In case you find yourself in a similar situation and want to bounce back up I have been finding Acceptance Love and Release to be the key for me….. Its as if my not so magical YOUniverse wanted me to face up to some non-truths this week and clear up and out! All those corks I pushed back down into the bucket of water are POP POP POPPing back up…. I am part way through the Sedona method and finding EFT a wonderful “permission slip” to release with right now ~ SO much is happening ~ The more I choose to expand in abundance success and love the more its like my self sabotage Liz devil is on steroids! These corks have to come up and out to release and allow better to come…..

I have also found asking is really helping too ~ When the going gets tough….. How does it get any better than this? Then when it starts to pick up (like it has for me today…yipeeeeeeeeeeeeYAY! So there IS a light at the end of every tunnel) ~ How does it get EVEN better than this?

If you find yourself going through the rock and roller coaster know that all is well and you are loved, let me shine a light for you and say its ok…. really it is :)))))) Love and accept whatever is coming up for you ~ let the corks pop! Soon you will be popping the corks on the champers :))))))

Even more exciting things are coming to you as you clear up those vibes and expand to new and exciting life levels…. Get this ~ since I have been forced to clean up my vibes this week I am now flowing towards some VERY exciting things in life including TV!! WHOOHOO! More updates will follow very soon, for now know that as we choose to expand in abundance, success and love everyday we are given the chance to inspire everyday! Double WHOOHOO!

I also have lots of things in the offing for you guys to enjoy lots of free stuff flowing including my Law of Attraction intro online this Wonderful Wednesday online ~ last time I did this it was great fun so I am excited to share again ~ FREE Law of Attraction Intro with Liz Green RSVP Here

The LAB AkA Law of Attraction believers community is growing from strength to strength and I am loving the vibes and co-creation happening here ~ we are all in this together :))))) You can join the fun here ~ The LAB Community & Liz’s inner circle I am also uploading my Transformational Tuesday notes this coming week…. Yay!

Manifesting your ideal 2012 coaching is manifesting puuuurfectly and I am excited to be sharing so many magical dreams and breakthroughs… My doors always open just get in touch if this is a match for you ~ Click here ~ I want to manifest my ideal 2012 Liz :)))))

If you are local to Yorkshire in the UK come and co-create with me in person I am LOVING meeting you all and have lots of magical meets and workshops planned….. Its all happening ~
Magical Meet UPs Click Here to Join~ Transformational Tuesday 3rd & Super Sunday 8th January 2012….. Nows the time :))))))

Follow your heart, trust your vibes and take the inspired action towards what you DO want in life…. ANYthing is possible when you believe ♥

Remember how powerful you REALLY are…..

With Love & Positive Vibes,
Liz ♥

AkA Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen
Spreading the positive vibes around the world & back touching millions….
Coming to a screen near you soon!

PS – YOU are the MOST important person in YOUr life!

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