Asking ~ Believing ~ Receiving & The Path of Least Resistance….. ♥

Guided to share this from my heart to yours ~ ♥

What would it take for everything to be ok?

For you to relax, for you to believe, for you to know everything is already ok….

Ok, How do I do that?

Just do it, make the choice, make the decision to know and feel that everything IS ok…. When you think it so then it will be so….

What are my next best steps to take?

Follow your own inner guidance, cherry pick from those that are sent into your life, take the best of the best and expect it too.  You will always attract the ideal people for each step of your journey, trust this process and be open to who comes in and out.  Each and every person brings you more and more knowing from the inspiration and from the lessons you learn.

Do more of the things you love, the things which resonate with you and YOU know exactly what they are in your heart.

At this time of “awakening”  you know full well that which no longer “sits” with you, your feelings show you.  Tune into the centre of each and every one of your feelings.

Ask ~ Does this feel good to me?  Is this the next best step to take on the path of least resistance?

Believe ~ Know that you ARE an amazing being and you can be do and have anything you desire.  Notice the first 2 letters of BElieve – BE, first of all BE that being.

Recieve ~ Your dreams and desires are ready for you to recieve your job is only of one thing – to align.  Align vibrationally and everything will flow in as if by magic.

You are completely and deeply loved, appreciated and accepted.  Your light shines bright and will illumiate the way for many.  if your light is dim replenish and refresh it in what ever way feels great to you.

You are completely supported, you are completely cared for and all is very very well ~ everything is unfolding perfectly.

Create a magnificently beautiful day ~ I send my heartfelt love and energy to you all…. thank you for being here thank you for your support thank you for you!  The ripples travel forever…..Click share….

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Liz ♥

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