The Law of Attraction & The Money MONKEY Mind! Letting Money FLOW Full Time…..

Say Om to Money and Let it FLOW :)))))

Along my journey over this past year or so I have found myself a little “up and down” with money flowing in.  Sometimes I LOVE it, I LOVE receiving it, and I really want it to keep on flowing ALL the time…. At these times in life I see it as the vibrational energy it really is…  As Thank YOU notes.  It flows in in abundance and I celebrate it along with all the other wonderful Law of Attraction in Action moments in my life.  It becomes like the feathers left on my path from my UniVersal Angels saying “Yes Liz, You are on the right path keep on keeping on….”   I’m like Jerry Maguire shouting “Show me the MONEY!! WHOOHOO!”

Then other times I feel that I might be being materialistic and focusing too much on the energy of money and how it does seem to grow on trees when you start accepting and allowing it to flow abundantly.   I start to wonder if it should be this easy, if I should be making this kind of money from doing what I love, from having fun! This is when the flow seems to dry up, business becomes slower, more bills seem to come in, things seem to start to cost more.  I start to feel I may need to work harder to keep it coming, then it spirals.  The Money Monkey Mind starts Jabbering!   BLAH! BLAH! BLAH-D-BLAH!

I felt guided to share more here today as I know you will have been led to me by your UniVersal Angels to help you release this pattern too.  Here goes…..

I have found myself repeating this pattern A LOT and I am ready to release once and for all, for one and all – THIS IS IT MOney MONkey Mind – Skidaddle! Skamoose! Shoooo!   I accept you, I LOVE you, I understand you are only trying to protect a fearful part of me and I allow you to be with me and accept that I am flowing towards full time financial abundance.  Thank YOU 🙂

So if you are ready for full time financial abundance maybe today is our day to make friends with Money Monkey mind – to understand that its just some old “thought patterns” which we are ready to accept and release …… AHHhhhhhh how good this all feels…. Take a deep breath, check out the YoGa Monkey in the picture I used on this post and imagine your inner chatter doing this –  Chillaxing…. Flowing… breathing in LIFE 🙂  WHOOHOO!

To be fair this process goes for anything in life – any area’s where your monkey mind chatter may be keeping you stuck.  Make peace with it all – befriend your money mind – understand why its happening, accept and release.  It feels FAB!

I would also highly recommend taking 15 mintues to soak up Abe’s vibes on the following video – thats what inspired me to share more here today too – I had a LIGHTbulb and made friends with my Money Monkey Mind and I am SO grateful I did! Double WHOOHOO! 🙂 🙂 🙂

“People worry about materialism….  Especially relative to money – those people who are looking for money can’t be very spiritual…. YOU are spirit expressing in a physical form – you have come here to manifest the vibration of source – you cant separate one from the other……” Abraham Hicks

Law of Attraction gives everyone exactly what they are offering vibrationally – what you VIBE you get – every single time!

YOU are a co-creator of YOUR life… YOU are creating ALL of the time……  How does it get EVEN better than this?

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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