There is No Spoon…. Or is There?!?!?

A Spoon?

If you are familiar with the Matrix movies I am sure you will recognize this quote.  What does it really mean to us in “real life” & what is Real life as we know it…..?

I’m not here to wax lyrical or talk about quantum physics as I only know what I know and that is – What we believe will be our own personal truth.

“When you believe in something, you have made it true for you….” A Course In Miracles

Our beliefs are creating the manifestation in our lives.   I have experienced this on SO many levels during my Personal Development Law of Attraction Journey.  The Power of some of my experiences has had a BIG imprint both on an outer and inner level.  Talk about releasing limiting beliefs….!!  Maybe I can inspire you to lift some limiting beliefs today?

The Spoon story….

At the start of my personal development journey I took a HUGE leap of faith and found myself leaping over to Mexico to an event called Breakthrough where, as well as learning from some of the top thought leaders from around the world, I would walk on fire and bend steel bars with my neck….   Yes, before you ask, I knew this before I signed up for this deal….

I “felt” it was something I needed to do on a personal level.  Something which would help break personal barriers I had formed during my life.  Limiting beliefs surrounding how real everything actually is.  We all have them and we all continue to Breakthrough them in our own ways and when we are ready to do so….

So onto the spoon story.  I like to live my days out according to my inner guidance free of “things to do lists”  I just see what comes to me and follow that thread watching it magically unfold during my day.  This way it gives the UniVerse more scope to guide me to where I should be and let the synchronistic moments flow easily.  They certainly did yesterday!  I found myself doing a touch of spoon bending!  Yes thats right…. Spoon bending…. LoL

After sharing more about my Re-Bar Bend & Firewalk I decided to rekindle those feelings of “Yes YeS YES!  Anything IS Possible When You Believe” by doing a little exercise of my own.    I rekindled those magical feelings of being invincible (in a good way of course), capable of anything.  A real life magician having my very own adventres in the Metaphysical World.  I gave my positive energy attention and a little dose of innocent focus to the spoon becoming like warm butter ready to melt away in my hands.  I took my direct gaze and attention of the task at hand put my trust, faith and belief in something far greater than me and HeY PreStO! On very Bent Spoon – Yes the one you see in the picture on this blog post…..

I have to give a shout out to my fellow positive thinker The Happy Jackster & friends for inspiring me to play this little game it provided me with a goosebump lined feel to my day and in turn helped me inspire you here today by saying ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU BELIEVE IT IS…. Its TRUE 🙂  IT REALLY IS!

How Does Life Get Any Better Than This?  What Else is Possible?

Do or Do Not the Choice is Yours…..

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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The ReBar Bend.....


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