Money Worries or Money MaGiC? How Do You Really Feel About Money?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Money is just energy, its just a form of exchange which we have given such great value.   Money is here to be enjoyed, to help us live a more fulfilled and FUNfilled life.  It’s True!

Once you can wrap your head around this life gets a whole lot more FUN-filled.

Let go of any old programing, choose to claim back your own personal power understand that whatever you require will flow in on UniVersal Angels wings when you believe, allow and trust this will happen it will….  LOA in Action!   You have the right to have unlimited financial abundance, it’s your heritage.  We are divine beings, spiritual beings having a human experience 🙂 Money is just energy – the notes are our tickets to FUN! YaY!  Life is supposed to BE FUN 🙂

We, as co-creators of our own experience, are creating our own realities and this goes for our financial abundance too.  Money worries or Money magic – we create it either way.   The choice is yours.

Let me share a little more about my experiences with money here today, I hope this will enlighten and inspire you….

When I first started out on my personal development journey and learnt about Law of Attraction I knew I wanted to quit my job and start living my passions.  I knew there was more to life.  I also knew, on a heart and soul level, that I wanted to be able to continue living a fully abundant lifestyle.   When leaving Corporate life as well as leaving a comfortable sum of money every month I was also handing back a company car as well as selling our Sports Car to fund my passions (Larry the Lotus…. Yes a Brand new LoTuS Elise! My partner Cat REALLY LoVes me as well as the UniVerse! LoL).   I KNEW at this stage that I had to have something VERY good in my money bag of goodies!

I also knew that I had to have the trust and faith that I would be provided for by following my true passion and purpose in life.  I’d set myself up working alongside a wonderful community of positive people, which was also a very cool Business opportunity which resonated with me.  Moving forward this provided me with a very good income stream to free my time and allow me to focus on the bigger picture of my passions, spreading my positive vibes around the world and back, making a difference in the world.  So it began and so it continues….

I think it shocks some people to know that I had only made just over £1000 when I quit my highly paid job in senior management to follow my dreams, I had also built up hefty debt both in my past which was added to when investing in my personal development journey and committing fully in my business.  The point is – I just knew.  I trusted my ViBes.  I Listened to my inner voice and went for it in a BIG way.

WHOOOO HOOOOO!  It’s been a very interesting journey So far, lots of bobbing and weaving and lots of getting in my own personal power.  It’s taken me some time, but I can honestly say I really do LOVE Money – in an EGO-Free way.  I am friends with Money and Money is friends with me.  It feels great, better than great!  I hope I can inspire you to feel the same way too.

It may take a little time, maybe some resistance to let go of, when the going gets tough try a little Ho-oponopono – I always find this hawaiian healing technique works SO well when releasing money worries.  When the tension creeps in simply say “Please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I LoVE You”.  I also LOVE the mantra Mike Dooley (Author of Notes from the UniVerse) shared at a recent seminar I attended – “The more I enjoy and can afford what I do the more EXclusive I become”

Get playful about money too!  Just like we are here to enjoy life, just like life is supposed to be easy, just like we are supposed to live life to the full – Money is the same too…  Start to think of how MaGiCaL money really is, think about all the wonderful things it will help you manifest in your life.  It’s just energy, an exchange.  Relax and be easy about it 🙂  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Breathe….. Allow it to flow…..

Here it comes!


I also want to give a shout out to a Fellow Yawwwwkshire Positive Queen Jolene for inspiring me to share my MaGiCaL Money ViBes here today, you can connect with Jolene here – Jolene Setterfield


This summer we are enjoying Larry the Lotus’s replacement – If you know me you will know I LOVE getting in the VoRteX (Abe hicks teachings) the UniVerse sent us the perfect summer fun car…. A VX220 turbo…. VX! AkA The VorteX. I stuck my claim on this the day we sold Larry – I put it out to the UniVerse then trusted the process….

Good-bye From Larry the Lotus......

Hello! To The VorteX!!! I always preferred Silver to Gold....

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Liz ♥

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