Is Your Life Path REALLY Unlimited? Is IT REALLY Real? Can You REALLY Live the Dream?

Lately I seem to have manifested questions surrounding two things on my chosen path in life – Law of Attraction and the Personal Development Community I work alongside.   When things like this pop up I LoVe to share a Bloggalicious post about it by way of clearing the way for myself as well as enlightening and inspiring you guys.

I LOVE Clearing the ViBes as I understand that I am mirroring back into my life that which I am giving out energetically.  How cool that is!

So the questions I posed in the title of this post…..

Is Your Life Path REALLY Unlimited?  Is it REALLY Real?  Can You REALLY Live the Dream?

My Answers Yes, Yes and more Yes – for me it is real it is true.  It hasn’t always been.

The Positive responses to these questions of Yes, Yes and Yes only came about when I believed it to be true.   When you believe it you will see it.  From early in my journey I have followed my heart and soul, I have trusted my vibes and gone for it, even if my mind was sometimes saying no.  Sometimes shouting NO NO NO you cant do that…. I had faith and trust in my decisions (and still do) knowing that I am on the right path for my life in the present moment.

I went through a self created transition period of worry, fear and concern that the UniVerse may not come through and provide what I needed on my journey.  Yes I questioned Law of Attraction and the path I had chosen along the way, I used to look outside of me to see what other people were doing, to see if other people were “really” living their dreams.  I used to look at what other people were attracting and manifesting into their lives, I would find them, then I would still keep looking and want more evidence.  All sorts of monkey mind chatter consumed me to start with until I took 111% responsibility for any limiting beliefs I was holding onto due to old programming.  I chose to let it go to clean the slate and trust.  I realized it wasn’t what was going off outside of me what was important it was what was going off inside….  Ahhhhhhhh what a relief this was!

Remember – When you believe it you see it – First of all you have to believe it

I understand I am still letting go of old programming relating to the next stages of my journey, I feel we all are and maybe always will be as we flow through life moving onwards and upwards.  This is what makes life exciting.  The negative contrast comes – we find the positive contrast, its a constant journey.  No contrast = No Clarity.  I am sure you agree that we all want positive clarity, thats why we can celebrate any negative contrast and thank it for leading us to what we really DO want in life.

If you still feel you want more I highly recommend watching A MOvie called What the Bleep (aKa Down the Rabbit Hole)

If something doesn’t feel right to you, maybe a job, a business, a person, a certain place, this goes for any life situation.  If the RIGHT feelings aren’t there or your heart feels closed or your gut / Vibes say no then flow on to something else which suits you better.  Trust your inner voice – when you start to do this making sure you are following your heart and soul you will be Living Your Dream, Your Path will be Unlimited and you will Believe its real – Because you are experiencing it first hand 🙂

I have to give a shout out to the community I work with for passing me the floats when I needed to keep my head above water during the earlier stages in my journey as well as some of the topsy turvy days which still turn up sometimes (much less frequently now…. Double AHHhhhhhhhh).  This is why I feel its important to surround yourself by like minded people and support when you are undertaking personal development, self empowerment awakening journeys in life.  Been there done that…. Released, Surrendered and 111% happy with the flow I now find myself in, I intend the same for you 🙂

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you  ♥  Remember to share the LoVe and spread these vibes – click share….

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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