Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. Do I Really Attract it All?

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall...."

What comes to you always matches YoU….  The UniVerse mirrors YoU.  It’s True!  Your thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions, energy, ViBes…. Like attracts like.  What you put out there you get back.  Thoughts become things.  It’s the Law of Attraction in Action, you know the score!

Take another look at the picture I have used here on this blog post.  The UniVerse sent me the perfect example of what I wanted to express here today via google images aptly named “bubble mirror”.  Thank you UniVerse – Thank you Google… they both work the same, we get what we ask for.

(Funny I was blowing bubbles whilst playing out yesterday now I attract “bubble mirror” into my life. You gotta LoVe it!)

Think about the centre of your life mirror, how you are feeling, what you are asking for, what is your overall vibe about life like right now?  The bubbles coming off your mirror are the things you are vibrational drawing into your life, the things you are aligning with.  Mini mirrors the UniVerse is shining back into your life in response to your ViBes saying “You got it!  Your wish is my command….”

I feel this is a great way to see the Law of Attraction in Action.  It can also help you to break things down into smaller easier to understand attraction points when it comes to any Negative Contrast and Positive Clarity.  You can look at each of the “bubbles” of energy your mirror is shining back at you.

It helps you see things much clearer, I guess it shines a light for you.  For the things you don’t want any more of you can clean up your ViBes and move across to focusing on the clarity of what you do want.  This helps you identify the great things you are attracting BIG and small, giving you the chance to appreciate them all.  The more you appreciate the more great things flow in.  BinGo!

Mirror mirror on the wall…. My ViBes are Clear & I’ll have it ALL 🙂

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