Had a LightBulb Moment? It’s All About What Kind of Light You Shine….

Had a LightBulb Moment?

If you know me you will know by now that I am a Pioneer of Positive Change, I lead by example, play with the UniVerse, follow my dreams, feel the fear – change it to EXcitement go for it and flow with it BIG time.

When I took a leap of faith I knew I would have to keep on leaping to create the life of my dreams.  A lot of the leaping I am talking about here comes from within.  It’s an inside job.  I do also have lots of inspiration and community support around me for which I am Very Grateful 🙂

I felt inspired to talk about our “inner light” here today after watching a wonderful video by Rhonda & Brian Swan AkA The Unstoppable Family who I work alongside as part of the afore mentioned community I chose to flow with.  Rhonda & Brian are traveling the world with their three year old Daughter Hanalei, a shining example that the world truly is your oyster if this is the dream life you choose.  In simple terms they are living a free and happy life of meaning rather than ambition….  Just like me….

It’s the Shift we can see happening all around.  I am SO Excited as everything magically unfolds around us all!  Can you feel it?

My heart and soul say many more people will be making this shift over the coming days, weeks, months and years.  We are awakening, changing, growing, flowing, glowing….  We are understanding that everything is energy both on the inside and the outside.  It’s no longer just about stuff, possessions and building wealth to “have it all”.  It’s no longer just about retreating off in silence to contemplate our navels and “let it all go”.  It’s about true life balance.  Inner balance and outer balance.

We no longer want to be “sold” the ideal lifestyle, we want to co-create it in our own unique and perfect fashion 🙂

“Sell someone a bulb and the light can go out – show them how to shine their own inner light and it will shine forever”  Liz Green

As more and more people are emerging shining their inner light brightly out into the world we see others getting a helping hand up and adding to this beautiful co-creation happening all over the world….  How magical this is!

OOOOooo Goosebumps on goosebumps!

Whatever your light is shine it brightly out into the world, nows the time…. Go for it!

As always my door (and hand) is always open if you want a helping hand reach out and get in touch 🙂

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Meet the Unstoppable Family –

With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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