Where’s My Stuff!?!? Are You Frantically Hi HO SILVERing Towards Your Desires?

Do you ever find yourself wanting something so much that you would do near enough anything to get it?  We can be talking about anything here – from the big to the small, from living your dream to just getting through the day with a smile on your face….  From a big and shiny new purchase….. to a move towards that which you desire in life.

Maybe you have already started to make the ripples of movement in your life but you have hit a plateau and you are not sure what to do now….

I feel that everyone experiences times like this.  I also feel its at times like this we feel we may have to do a bit of “Hi HO SILVERing” to get where we want or what we want.

Watch the following 30 second clip and tell me honestly if you ever feel you have this theme tune running in the back of your mind as you tried to move towards the things you want (or need) in life.  Or maybe those around you get a quick flash back when they see you disappearing in a cloud of smoke to go and get busy to work work work towards what you need need need….

“A Fiery Horse with a Speed of Light, A Cloud of Dust and a Hearty Hi HO SLIVER!”


Guilty as charged!  We’ve all done it – and still do it….  I find my self laughing now when I hear this imaginary tune playing in the back of my mind.  Thats the best way to deal with Hi HO SLIVERing – to laugh it off and chill out – thats right!   Maybe you have just finished a big old Hi HO Session, no worries, it’s great that you got it out of your system.  Maybe you feel one coming on and just have to gallop along with it.  Go for it, get it out of your system, play the song in the background whilst you are doing it!  Then for goodness sakes – ReLaX…. BreaTH…. SuRRender…. Release and feel the Relief….

Thats where you should be – life is naturally supposed to flow.  We are not hear to fix things – to make thing happen – to try and do, do, do and gallop frantically towards our desires.  Yes we can open doors in our lives with inspired action, this action should be taken from a place of ease and inspiration.  Trust your inner self, your voice within and if you here this tune maybe this is your sign to let go a little.

You are not a lone ranger, you are not alone – You have total support from the UniVerse.  The UniVerse will provide everything you need to help you flow easily towards your desires.

Ahhhhhh!  How good does that feel?

Just chill, thats all….. Just chill 😉

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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