Should You Always Feel the Fear & DO it Anyway??? Eeeeek?!?!

Decisions Decisions - Which Way?!?!?

Just feel the fear and do it anyway!  Do it!  DO IT!   If you don’t you will never know…. Hummmmmmm

This is all good and well, and in many cases it is true.  I have a slightly different twist on feeling the fear and doing it anyway taking into consideration that the Law of Attraction brings us what we think about negative or positive, good or bad.  I am sure this will make sense to you on a heart and soul level.

There are two ways to feel fear about doing something in your life.  You can feel fear and feel positive expectations about something, or the opposite…. Fear + Negative expectations.

When you are feeling fear but you know on a heart and soul level (the inner you who knows best) that by conquering this fear your life will be better.  You know it will help your life to be better in some way.  You feel that if you don’t take inspired action (notice the word inspired) that you will always be left feeling a little empty about not feeling this particular fear and doing it anyway….  You are certain (or at least pretty sure) that by following through and going for it you will get a positive outcome.  Or even if you feel you cant predict this you are certain (or at least pretty sure) that all will work out well.  In simple terms you feel that the UniVerse will support you, you will be provided for, that doors will open and orchestration will happen.  Believe it and this is what will happen.

On the other hand if you are feeling the fear and following it up with negative expectations it is unlikely that things will go well.   You get an inkling that things wont go well, your heart and soul (the inner you who knows best) will feel uncomfortable on a new level, alarm bells will be ringing.  When you stop, quiet down and listen to your inner guidance you will just know….  Trust me on this one!

Then there is the “in-betweeners” the feeling of not knowing which way to go for the best.  This will help you with that….

Here is a great exercise you can do to test the waters when it comes to feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Compare the 2 situations in question.

Situation A)  Feel the fear and do it anyway

Situation B) Feel the Fear and choose not to do it

How does Situation A make you feel?

How does situation B make you feel?

I find it helps to draw 2 lines on a piece of paper then write statements for each situation.  Lets call it the Path Test to discovering the right path to take for you.

Let me share my example with you here today to help you get the feeling for how it works:

I took a BIG Leap in my life when I quit my Corporate Career to go it alone running my own Personal Development Business you see here.  I felt the most fear I think I had ever felt.  Well thats how it felt at the time.  Giving up a very comfortable way of life I had built for 14 years since leaving school!  WoWwwweeee – EEEEEeeeeK!  The Path test was needed.

First path feeling the fear and doing it anyway….  Second Feeling the fear and choosing to stick with the cards that had been dealt.

The first (Situation A for me) brought up other fears along the path – “What if things dont work out” “What if I fail” “What if I can’t do it!”

The second (Situation B for me) brought up other fears along the path too – “I will never know if I dont do it” “I will always feel stuck” “Will I ever get another chance in life”

Notice the doing it anyway choice is all what ifs, the other path lots of nevers and stucks.

The what if’s led me onto the “well it’s worth a try”  “I will expect the best possible outcome” “I will trust this process”.  The Never knowing and Stuck feeling led me onto going for it and making the commitment to myself to play full out and have faith and trust.  So I did.

Everyone is different, every situation is different.   Ultimately you are the only one who knows.  Just like we cant control every single thought we have we also cant control every single outcome in our life situations.  Follow that which your heart and soul says – this is the inner you who knows best – every time.  In case you need any help with this just get in touch 🙂

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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