Why Positive People Attract Negative Things…. It’s all about your vibes!

How are your vibes today?

Bad vibes or Good Vibes.  Vibes = Vibrations.  There are really only two kinds of vibes, negative or positive.  We are always experiencing moods or feelings which means we are sending out a vibe, all of the time.  This can be negative or positive. 

The Law of Attraction in simple terms works using two words.  Match and Vibration.

So whatever vibe you are sending out negative or positive Law of Attraction will always match it.

If you want to know what vibration you are putting out there all you have to do to check your vibration is to take a look and see what you are getting in life.  The people and situations you are attracting, how full your wallet is, everything in your life is there because of your vibe and the Law of Attraction is always sending you things which match this.

At every moment everybody has a mood or a feeling, that mood or feeling is causing you to emit a vibration which is either negative or positive.  You can tell what vibes people are emitting by feelings.  Think about walking into a room full of people who are feeling negative, you will pick up on these vibes.  Same works for positive.  This is how Law of Attraction works through vibes… Simply put – through feelings!

The Law of Attraction is constantly checking and matching vibrations.   Then your results show up.

So why do positive people attract negative things?  It’s all about the vibes we are putting out.  You can be positive on the outside, this isn’t what matters, it’s whats going off inside which matters.  Law of Attraction is an inside job. 

The only way to get different results is to send a different vibration.  You can be saying positive things but if you are not feeling these things or believing these things what do you think you will attract?

Think about yourself as a transmitter, your feelings transmitting the vibes to the universe to send back your desires via Law of Attraction.  Check your feelings, reset your vibes.

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