Law of Attraction Manifesting Magic – The Power of Words & Thoughts – The Power of 2!

I would love to share a really powerful way to manifest magic in your life using the Law of Attraction. I call this the Power of Words & Thoughts – The Power of 2! Excited to learn more? Read on…

This is best done with 2 people so grab your partner, a friend, someone who is open to talking about your future dreams and desires as well as theirs. It doesn’t matter who it is so long as you and the other person understand the basics of the Law of Attraction and are open to using your imagination and energy to manifest some great things in your life. Who wouldn’t be?!?!

Imagination is the preview of your coming life…. It’s true!

Using a nice relaxed conversational manner you can both start to talk about the things you desire as if they are already here in your life.  Sometimes it can feel a little strange to start with but once you get into the flow you can feel a shift happen within you.  Whatever you are talking about starts to become a lot clearer in your minds eye.  As you go into further detail and get more and more creative speaking about what you want you will feel your energy start to build.  Your partner can then start to ask you questions about your chosen subject getting you to go into more and more detail and you can do the same for them.

Make sure you talk of it in present tense, remember you are playing make believe here, using your imagination to get into the feeling place of already having it.  For example if you are talking about your dream house, think, act and speak like you are already living in it.  Describe all the rooms, what they look like, how it feels to live there, go into even the tiniest details.   This works for anything at all, just use your imagination, get really creative and most importantly have fun with it!  What do you desire?

Recently during a nice countryside walk I played this game with my partner Ian, we talked about our dream cottage in the Lakes, we both took turns to visit different rooms in the house and talk about how they looked and felt and what we were doing there.  I started off outside the house by describing what it looked like,  whilst Ian started off in the garage talking about the cars he was polishing up.   Once we got into the flow we could feel the power of what was happening.  I now have a picture of our house imprinted in my mind (and I guess in my subconscious too), I really feel like I have been there, it’s stuck with me.  And get this….. Before we had even finished our walk we had already passed a beautiful country cottage which looked just like the one I described less then an hour before, the Law of Attraction in action keeping in mind we had never done this walk before!  I see this as a little shout out from the genie of the universe showing we are on the right path, the house is on its way.

The universe is orchestrating things for you all the time.  What we think about we bring about!  The power of our words and thoughts travels like the speed of light when your energy is right….  When you have the power and energy of 2 people behind it as well then you can let the flood gates to your dreams and desire open ready to receive!

Try it out today and see how it makes you feel, be open and watch for the signs and synchronistic moments. Then keep doing it, regularly.  This is taking visualizing to a whole new level 🙂

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With Positive Vibes & Love,

Liz ♥

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