How to Allow More Money to Flow into your Life

Are you a Spender or a Saver?

Are you a spender or a saver?  Do you hold onto the money coming into your life like it’s about to run out or do you freely spend whatever shows up and expect lots more of it?   I feel it’s pretty safe to say most people hold onto money, I know I used to.   We live in a world where we are told to be careful with money, to save it and hold onto as much of it as we can so we dont run out.

If you are looking to bring more money into your life regardless of how much you have at the moment then I would love to share this simple yet effective way to get money flowing for you.  It’s great fun too, the only thing you have to do is trust the process…

Let me share my example with you ~ I started to do this when my bank account was in the red, a big fat minus sign plus lots of debt to be cleared.   At this point most people would start to worry about money thus coming from a place of lackful thinking.  I chose to take the last of the money I could and spend it on something useful which for me was some motivational books and other things I knew would bring pleasure into my life.  I also bought some gifts for the people I love in my life and gave some away to charity.  As I was spending the money I thought about more money flowing into my life and affirmed that as this money was spent more would come in.   It wasn’t a lot but it was the feelings and thoughts behind what I was doing that mattered.

I also chose to start up my own business by increasing the loans I already had in my life to enable me to invest in my business.  Then not long after this I quit my job in senior management, gave back my company car, burnt my bridges and trusted the process.  It was scary at the time and I had to have a whole lot of faith in what I was doing and in myself.  In a way I had to hit financial rock bottom before I could start to increase the flow of money in my life.  Crazy?  Maybe… Risky?  Yes, some would say….  Regrets?  Not at all…

In case you don’t know much about the Law of Attraction and money, simply put what you put out you get back and what you think about, intend and expect to happen in life will.  So this is what I did.   If you can get yourself into the right mindset anything is possible, I am not saying it’s always easy, there are tests along the journey but if you feel its the right path for you both in your heart and soul then I would always say go for it.  Follow your passions no matter what 🙂  You are the only one who knows deep down inside you…..

I heard a story from a well known personal development guru not long after I had burnt my financial bridges and started to trust the process.  The example given told of a lady who was down to her last $100 and chose to withdraw it from her account, walking down a highstreet and hand it out to various people as a gift.  The very same week over $20,000 came through from an unexpected source.  I know there are many stories like this and I too believe it works as I have lived it myself.  Just when I needed it money showed up and over time I was able to increase the flow of money in my life on a much larger scale than I could have ever expected before I knew about the Law of Attraction and inspired action.

I now choose to let the money flow in and out of my life.  Rather than holding onto extra money which is left over once living costs are paid for I choose to allocate chunks of money to “fun money” as well as charity money.  It doesn’t matter how much you do or do not have, you too can choose to allocate a percentage of your money to “fun money” you can also give back to others rather than holding onto money, just in case… In case of what?  This is a great question to ask yourself.  Yes it’s good to save money for future investments, useful things in life and such things as holidays but remember the following:

If you are holding onto money in case of an urgent need, you need to look closer into this as you may be sending out a mindset vibration of lack or worry surrounding money.  Once you can start to let these feelings go you will find you are allowing more money to flow into your life.  Also think about the ways in which you believe money will flow into your life, and the ways which you allow money to flow to you.  Money does not only come to you through a wage from a job, you can create your own flow, get creative and add some strings to your financial bow.  Do something new, give yourself a personal challenge to do something to open your door to the energy of money.

Anything is possible when you believe it is 🙂

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