Notice the Signs Sent Into Your Life

Notice the signs ~ Feathers fall to catch your attention

You are always receiving thousands of messages from the universe every single day. Learn to be come tuned in to these messages, this communication from the universe directly to you. You are guided in every moment of your life.

There are no coincidences or accidents ~ everything is sent to you for a reason. You are reading this for a reason. Every sign you notice, the words you hear spoken, every colour, every smell, every taste, every sound, every event, every situation, everything is sent to you from the universe. You are the only person who knows the relevance to you and realise what the communication means.

Use all your senses, pay attention, every moment in life truly does have a meaning.

Everything and everyone you have drawn into your life is for a reason and a good one at that, it is up to you to take notice and either listen to these messages which the universe sends you or stay closed to them.

Remember to be aware ~ Remember to remember! Be aware in this moment right now, be completely focused on what you are doing right now. See, hear and feel everything around you! Live the dream!

I have had experiences in the past where I may have been closed off to the signs being sent to me. For example I used to work a stressful day job, I had so much desire to escape the rat race but didn’t know how, so I closed off, the more I battled on without taking a moment to see the signs the more signs came to me getting bolder and bolder in my minds eye. It took me a while but I started to be lead by the signs sent into my life, I was open to new opportunities sent my way and in less than 1 year I managed to escape my stressful corporate job and create my own successful personal development business. A dream come true!Β  All I did was notice the signs πŸ™‚

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