When Money Becomes a Pain in the BUM!

There comes a point where things have got to shift & change especially when it comes to money 💰

If we haven’t got enough then we can’t survive in this system as it is…

So often when money issues arise we take practical action steps… We may get a job ( maybe when we don’t actually want one or it’s not our purpose 😕 )

Or we may start to “TRY” and “EARN” more by working our little socks off

Or we may slump into a downward spiral of not enough and feel lost, helpless and hopeless about money…

I’ve tried them all for size in the past & non of them really felt very good at all…

Now I prefer to clear & cleanse my vibration surrounding money & then take the action steps….

Once I’ve cleared up my shitty stuff I can then use the poop 💩 as manure to plant the seeds of growth in 🌱

I take inspired action just like this!

& with spring around the corner this is the perfect time !!

I made a vid with lots more inspiration it’s only 5 minutes long & it’ll support you with your cash flow lovely one 💰🔮💖  BTW ~ You can join the 5 days of magical money shine whenever you decide you are ready…. its here for you lovely 🙂   http://liz-green.com/5-days-of-magical-money/  {{Video Below}}

Big love
Liz ❤️

Powerful Patterns & Clever Cycles THEY KEEP US STUCK!

Powerful Patterns & Clever Cycles

The ones which keep us stuck….

The ones which keep us small….

The ones we wish we could let go of & never have at all!

What powerful patterns do you have that keep you stuck?

What clever cycles are you ready to re~cycle?

We all know in our hearts what serves our greater good & the greater good of those around us….

Our purpose

Our magic

Our flow

We feel energised! Alive!

We can feel the energy flowing through our veins….

The shadows seem to disappear as we open up to the light of being who we truly are….

Being whole
Being enough
Being ourselves…. it’s as simple as that!

It doesn’t feel that simple though…. & that’s because of the PP & the CC

Powerful Patterns
Clever Cycles


& It’s time to clear, heal, cleanse, release, forgive, accept & recycle!!

It’s time to do whatever is required to evolve!

To pick ourselves up dust ourselves ( & our vibes ) off & say

“ I can do this! I can take inspired action! I can clear this old shit that’s been holding me back 💩! “

I’m right here with you lovely!

Let’s do this!

This week over in the Shine SiStarhood ( our private monthly membership group ) we are focusing on this very thing!

I will be sharing a powerful coaching & EfT tapping as well as lots of juicy inspiration & support to free you up….

To let go of the habits & patterns keeping you stuck !

This could be anything vibrational connected with past experiences maybe even past lives as well as practical stuff too like blocks with money or time or maybe your health & wellness & your beautiful body….

Tune in, connect with your magic 🔮

How can this SiStarhood support you ?

We are here for you lovely & the membership is still half price so it’s only £22 to join us 😃

It’s time to give back to yourself in magical ways….

Let go of the struggle….
Let go of the strife….

Reconnect with your beautiful life 🌷

Here’s the lovely link ~ http://liz-green.com/shine-sistarhood/ 

( lots more info & testimonials here too )

We are excited to welcome you 🌷

Big love
Liz & your SiStars ❤️🌟

Magical feedback about the SiStarhood ~

“You’ve been my safety net Liz💞 This is a special sacred space 💞 I can’t even imagine not having this magical portal to come to 💥💜🍀🔮” Kellie​​​​​​​

How Disappointment & Frustration Blocks Magic

It’s so easy to feel disappointed & frustrated when the magic doesn’t appear to be flowing & get stuck!​​​​​​​

The thing is, without sounding like a really annoying Pollyanna, it IS always flowing….

It just doesn’t always feel good if we stay stuck in the lower level feelings…

It’s from within the disappointment of things not happening how we wished hoped & dreamed & the frustration of stuckness that the desires for transformation are born!!

We can use it as fuel to fan the flames of our bright shiny life fires 🔥 We can let it inspire us into action!

We can understand it deeper….

See the gifts in it…. ( I know that can be hard when life feels such a struggle 😒 )

But this is the MOST important time to make changes…

They can be small baby steps or they can be huge leaps…

They can be FUCK IT!! NO MORE!! Declarations of change…

They can be somethings gotta give or I GIVE UP!!! Calls to angels 😇

They can be brought in a flurry of tears and release of tensions bringing relief in the letting go….

Letting go of clinging on




To make the fucking magic work lol 😆🔮

Been there done that, as I’m sure we all have with various methods over the years…

For me now it’s a daily journey of clearing, Healing, releasing, forgiveness, love and all of that good stuff….

It’s a journey of emptying out the buckets of frustration & disappointments from the past & also washing up the daily triggers of icky feelings brought up in the now…

The stuff that sticks to our vibes & makes us feel shit as we move through our daily lives

For me that’s where vibe clearing with tapping, Drumming, magical baths, nature nurture and most of all support comes in…


If it wasn’t for the vibe clearing I’d be filled up to the brink with vibrational gunk right now, in the past this used to manifest as dis…ease & I would literally projectile vomit it all out until I felt renewed and balanced again….

Now I understand the process

Daily clearing

Daily support


Magical vibe clearing methods ( & who cares if they are placebo effect they bloody well work ! )

I’ve been talking about this very thing over in our SiStarhood private group & also over in Shine School

How frustration & disappointment block our magic and how we can still experience these feelings yet manifesting wonderful things 🔮

So if you’ve ever felt like you don’t even want to ask the universe for magic anymore

Or that you are broken in some way

Or pissed off with things never really deeply seeming to change

Then what I’ve been sharing is for you….
Shine School is completely free ( hahaaa money doesn’t have to be the block 😉 )

So why wouldn’t you join us lovely?  Here’s the link or click my drum on the pic below….


& if you are already part of Shine School ( or have just joined ) & we haven’t yet connected directly for coaching or over in our Shine SiStarhood I would love to offer you 2 magical gifts!

💖 A complimentary 20 minute coaching taster session with me one Skype, just email me Liz@liz-green.com & say you are interested in a free session & I’ll be in touch very soon

💖 A chance to join the SiStarhood at HALF PRICE which is only £22, amazing value you for all you get, here’s the link lovely one ~ http://liz-green.com/shine-sistarhood/

I share powerful coaching sessions about these kind of topics and how they keep us stuck, we tap, heal, clear, cleanse, release, accept & forgive, freeing us up to live full flourishing shiny lives!  Ready?  Go for it!

I’m SO excited to connect!  🔮 💖

Make the most of these wonderful gifts I am offering, I’m here for you lovely!

Big Love

Liz 💖

Pimping Ourselves Out….

Pimping means to make small or insignificant, a pimp is someone who earns money from women prostituting theirselves out…. 😮

Where on earth I am going with this one….!?! Stay with me …

Maybe some women enjoy prostituting theirselves out, each to their own but I’m not sure there are many who do….

I know it’s a strong analogy ( predictive text wanted to type apology…. )

& let’s not have to apologise for our choices in life….

I remember when I used to be in the working world all those years ago, they said jump, I said how high ?

I wasn’t a working girl in that sense but I did feel like I was pimping my real self, making her small so that I could make money…..

I was hiding my light most of the time & if I shared a little bit of my magic & optimism in amongst the corporate pimps they would call me out for my “silly ways”…..

I left that life behind nearly 10 years ago, inklings of it pop back in when I see my fellow feminine risers shrinking down into small habits, stuck, can’t move forward, not good enough….

Equally it brings up some really strong feelings when I see them being a slave to the wage, that can either be from a traditional job, feeling trapped in a life which doesn’t seem like their own….

Or from their own business, having to work really hard at trying to convince people to “sign up”, follow, like or maybe even love what they are sharing….


Keys to success

Funnels to be fed into & spat out the other end hopefully spending some money….hopefully spending a lot of money….

Auto mails sent by bots….

Cyber spiders weaving their nets….

Let’s be clear about what feels good lovely ladies!

Are we doing what we are doing because we are INSPIRED to do it or are we doing it to try and get from A to B to C to D & so on and so on…..

Have we created our very own hamster wheel in some way?

I know I’ve been there & sometimes still go there again too and I revisit…. & I heal, release, let go, forgive 🙏🏼

I too am refining my Shine so excuse me if I ever slip back into the “Sales” woman touting her wares…. hopefully not ! But if I do please let me know….

I prefer to offer….. create offers…. magical offers…. magical offerings… 🔮So you can cherry pick what feels good to you

I’m going against the grain, I don’t want to double my prices
I don’t want to do funnel feeding webinars to convince people to join me…
I don’t want to do this the old skool masculine energy centred way…

What I do want to do
What I would love to do
Is to continue doing what I love in a way that I love 💕

In a balanced natural way

& yes it may take longer than the old brainwashing way

I know how that works, I used to work at a printers who printed Point Of Sale…..

We get caught up!

It’s the human condition! bless us 😯

I just hope the tables can keep on turning, where we no longer need to be persuaded of anything, where we can simply follow our intuition without all the noise….

There may be some contrast in my vibes to clear on this but I simply have to speak my truth about aligning with a better way of us sharing our magic & living financially secure ( hopefully abundant ) lives without debts ( debt comes from the word death 💀 ) financial chains, working jobs we don’t love just for money, not free flowing with our businesses because we have to “earn” a living….

So I’m gonna play with this energy & I invite you to play too!

Btw I simplified my life 5 years ago this week
Downsized my property & upsized my life with a move to the countryside, it’s been much more simple without debts and as much of the financial burdens, life feels much more connected & in flow 🔮

That said there’s still the whole Money system thing…. & I feel it controls a huge part of our lives, who we are & what we do…. it’s time to do it the right way!!!

Manifesting Money by doing what we love 💕
Exchanging it with each other for amazing products & Services!
Feeling valued & valuable in other ways too!

Knowing that we are enough !
& that we CAN do what we love & Love what we do ❤️

The 5 days of magical Money shine 💰

Where we will address all of this stuff & more…. Freeing you up to do what you love & have money too  You can start right away lovely one….

5 days of magical Money shine ~ http://liz-green.com/5-days-of-magical-money/

Big love
Liz ❤️

The do over….

Challenges are Opportunities

Opportunities to change, transform & transmute….

“Definition of do-over: a new attempt or opportunity to do something after a previous attempt has been unsuccessful or unsatisfactory”

I’m not saying that whatever we’ve done before now isn’t good enough or that we aren’t good enough ( I know I have that part of me judging myself too )

It’s all just as it’s meant to be

We are right where we are meant to be

& It really is ALL IN DIVINE ORDER

The thing is it doesn’t always feel divine & that’s the shit bit 💩 ( let’s be honest here )

We can feel all kinds of frustrations, disappointments, lack, stuckness, fedupness ( is that even a word lol 😆 )

We frigging well feel it !
& it can’t be denied !

We’ve gotta feel to heal it 
To understand it
Accept it
Be with it

Then we can choose to change….

We can understand the challenges we face…

& How they are created from our habits, patterns & cycles…

Our vibration ~ Our resonance

They come to us in all kinds of different ways

Sometimes we share them with others or sometimes they are just our own

Sometimes unseen & unknown

& We make excuses
& We stay small

Bless us !!

We are alive at such a powerful time here on earth 🌏

We have freedom of choice !

We have the freedom to create what we desire !

We have the ability & practical magic available to us to pretty much be, do & have anything we set our hearts on ❤️

Not just in a Material sense, yes that’s nice too

But in a spiritual purposeful sense….

The sense when we feeeeel we are living our purpose…

When we feel ALIVE !

When life feels ALIVE !

We are open to the magic
We feel excited by the possibilities

Synchronicities abound
Signs flow thick and fast
We feel it
We know it !

& Magic happens…

Doors open…

We are in flow….


When was the last time you felt like that???

Maybe time for a do over?

I’m doing my do over…. Fresh start February ( yes I know it sounds cheesy )

I’m going away on retreat next week
& when I come back
Fresh new me

Yes I’ll still be liz
& I’ll still have my “stuff”
My baggage
My shit to transform into manure 💩

But I’ll keep doing it
I’ll keep going

So today I’ve shared a fresh start February Shamanic Coaching tapping clearing Healing magical sesh over in our SiStarhood to get the balls of transformation rolling 🎱 & I’d love to invite you to join us too!

Let’s do this !

We are strong powerful confident women

Divine feminine rising !
Balancing with divine masculine
We are it all….

This is our YOU~ni~verse

Our life is our song to sing & we can start a fresh at any time….

No time like the present 💝

That’s why it’s called a gift 🎁

Thanks for being here lovely one 💖

I’ll see you where I see you, hopefully in the SiStarhood….

Big love
Liz ❤️

Ps Here’s the link for the SiStarhood 😁 ~ http://liz-green.com/shine-sistarhood/  We do fresh starts every week!  You will love it!

Pps if you are local to me let’s meet up we have our women’s wisdom powwow on Saturday afternoon (3rd Feb, they are always the 1st Saturday of each month) I’d love to see you for tea chats and of course hugs ~ email me back ❤️

I can’t ~ Why me ~ If only…….

I can’t, why me, if only…….

We all do it…

It’s these I can’t’s ( double apostrophe is that right? Lol 😂 )

Ohhhh why me’s

& if only….. dot dot dot’s

Forget the double apostrophe ( is that spelt right? Lol 😂 )

The I can’t

why me

& if only are a triple catastrophe!!!!!

They stop us in our tracks

They block us & make us small

They keep us stuck






& most of all…… dot dot dot

They keep us stuck in SAD 😔


( sorry I left caps lock on then )

Apologising for every little thing we do which feels wrong, silly, foolish, dumb & all of that crappola 💩

Oh why me, woe is me, it’ll never work out anyway…..

All of that big old ball of bleerrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh

We all do it…..

I’ve been thee too lovely & sometimes still do 😳


( I meant to do the capitals then lol 😂 )

Realise in capitals looks a bit like RELEASE….


What we now realise & then release is this………

I can’t

Why me

If only

These are simply shadow stories we tell over & over & over again….

& they block our shine, dull our sparkle & keep us trapped in stucksville & we all know what it feels like there 😥

It time ! Time to change how we say it….

Say it with me lovely….


Cause I’m talented gorgeous & brilliant enough!


Cause I’m bright beautiful & clever enough!


I knew how truly amazing I am…..


Know this….

You are truly amazing! We all are!

& when we know this & really feel this in our hearts we value ourselves enough to take the inspired action, make our moves, commit to our dreams in this reality & bloody well go for it !!!

We take steps towards the life we truly desire 💕

We start to take batter care of ourselves 💞

We start to love ourselves more & more 💗

& life starts to love us back 💕💞💗💕💞💗💕💞💗💕💞

& YES I did mean to put that many heart emojis!



just saying lol 😂

Share this with your sisters…. it feels important ( & a little bit funny too lol 😂)

You are also invited to join our free Shine School facebook group, I share lots of deep, meaningful & sometimes a little bit funny, naughty & shiny stuff too ~

here’s the link ~  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1548420811895064/

or just click on the image on me below….

Big love,
Liz 💕

Ps ~ a 2kg pumpkin 🎃 inspired this post….. it simply looks too big to chop up ready for soup today…. 😮

Pps ~ sometimes life is hard but if we do the action stuff ( like chopping giant pumpkins ) we get to taste the amazing soup of life….


🌟💸 5 Days of Magical Money Shine 💸🌟

Let’s be honest ladies, sometimes money can be a right pain in the arse!!

We have things we’d love to do, experience & take part in then we can’t afford it or it feels out of our reach 😣

Maybe you create & produce magical things but can’t seem to create money from it, feel you have to work hard for it or have a job you don’t enjoy….. 😞

I know I’ve been there lovely, money is a BIG one for many of us.

The key is this

We can be both spiritual & material girls

Just as Madonna said we are material girls living in a material world!

Bless her reminding us of this all those years ago…. Before we came here to rise!

To rise up & say we can be spiritual, amazing, gorgeous goddesses & we can also have money too! 💸

How does that feel to you?

Does your money situation feel shiny right now? Or maybe you would like it be to even more shiny….

The definition of abundance is to be able to do that which you choose to do when you choose to do it…..

The definition of abundance is not
I can’t afford
I really wanna do that but I have no money

The lack of money can manifest as a way of keeping ourselves small and not very shiny ~

What do you feel about this?

Then we either stay stuck or stand up tall, rise up & say NO MORE!

That’s the best time to clear your vibes including whatever created the money messes….

It’s time for a Money Overhaul!

It’s time to clear these crappy Money vibes & not so magical Money manifesting ( or lack of it as the case may be 😳 )

How would you feel if you could start to feel better about money?

How would it feel to start receiving more money?

How would it feel to be unstuck & back in flow with money in a more magical way….?

& What if you could do all of this in only 5 days!! & quite possibly manifest some lovely chunks of moolah in the process…. 💃🏻💸

Ahhhhhhhh  &  B R E A T H E

I have just what you are looking for lovely 😊

( I know I don’t need to say this but I will…. ) & with Christmas around the corner magical shiny money might even feel like a dream come true…. or at least a big fat PHEW!

💸🌟🔮 5 Days of Magical Money Shine 🔮🌟💸

a little taster of the flow….. this process will be intuitively guided, following the energy

Day 1 ~ lets bring it down to earth, how to feel better about money in the now & start to welcome it into your life

Day 2 ~ needing wanting & trying… how much is enough? Quenching the Money thirst

Day 3 ~ hardships of Money & big clearing sesh! Do what you love & lovingly receive money into your life

Day 4 ~ how can it be easier?  What would you love to happen?  How much money would you love?

Day 5 ~ Money shine intentions ~ let’s play this magical Money game 💸

Remember…. Shine stands for ~ Support ~ Healing ~ Inspiration & Natural Empowerment

Support for you & your Money manifesting, Heaing for what holds you back, Inspiration to take action & lots of lovely feelings of natural empowerment to go for it!  We can do this lovely ❤️

I can feel a powerful shift happening ladies 🔮🙋🏻💃🏻

We will tune in, do magical processes, tap, clear, set intentions, do the practical magic & most of all show up & say I’m here to clear & I’m ready to change my money stories……


We start on Magical Monday 27th November ( just in time for December & all the xmas fun!)

This is an early bird deal where you get to take part in this process with me via live & recorded videos with full interaction in our private group, including other lovely ladies to interact with and get support from, including lots of support from me as well… You can take part at whatever level feels good to you, privately via email is cool too, all videos will also be sent direct to your inbox….

The full 5 days of magical Money Shine is only £55 & to make it nice & affordable to support you I’ve also set up an instalment plan so you can split it into 2 if easier for you… It includes full support via private group, live & recoreded videos, emails and much more… it’s ahhhhmazing value lovely one

&&& This is going to be a very powerful, magical & shiny process 🌟

click the image below to pay in full or scroll a little further for instalment plan, once your payment confirmation lands I willing drop you an email with lots more lovely info including link to the private group where we can connect & get some magical money balls rolling! 🙋🏻

Number of payments 2
Start payments
Due* Amount
At checkout £27.50 GBP
Every 2 weeks (x 1) £27.50 GBP
Total £55.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
Sign up for

Super excited to share in this magic with you!

Big love
Liz ❤️

PS If you aren’t yet part of the Free Shine School FB Group click the image below… I’ll be sharing lots more magical videos over there too…

How to Embrace the Shadow Stuff & Dance in the Darkness

This my lovely is key when it comes to dancing in the shadows….

To be able to Embrace & more importantly EMBODY our darkness as well as our light 🌟

To stop trying to clear & cleanse away the “bad” stuff without really acknowledging it….

Giving it one of those quick crap hugs & sending it on it’s way 🤗

Even the hug emoji looks like jazz hands lol 😂 urgh jazz…. it’s so creepy!

Anyway back to dancing & how we can be head~led ( could that say healed? )

Sometimes it can feel like you have a head of lead!  Carrying all those heavy thoughts…

Or feet of led that dont want to carry towards your hopes, wishes & dreams

I’m here today to wake you up & say NO more Hug & Roll!!!

No more jazz hands when you feel like crap 💩 that’s creepy too!

only messing…. lol 😂 seriously tho….

Its time to embrace the heaviness aka darkness aka shadows which are held or maybe even trapped in our minds…

& To bring in the light of dancing fully into our bodies 💃🏻

Embracing & Embodying who we really are & we are ENOUGH…

We can dance in a room full of people like no one is watching….

We can dance in the shadows or darkness like no one is watching….

We can laugh & let go when we dance like a goof….

We can love & let go when we judge ourselves & others….

& we can say FUCK IT when we mess up….

its all ok, we all do it!

Shadow dancing can be a lot like this too & that’s why we avoid it for years not daring to open Pandora’s box 😱

Our bodies having to let us know with dis….ease, stuckness, tightness, tension, fear, panic, anxiety & all of all of that blerrrgghhhh 💩

The Clarity Lightbulb is this….. 💡

When we can finally let go, embrace it all & most importantly Embody it all we can clear & cleanse what’s ready to go through magical practices.

We don’t have to stay stuck anymore!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!

Nows the time for the real dancing, the deep & meaningful

The dancing filled with love, pleasure & maybe even sensuality….

The kind of dancing where you feel relaxed & open possibilities…..

& that my lovely is the kind of shadow dancing Orgasmic Magic can bring into your life, yes you heard it right…

This is a sacred secret for lovely ladies only 💞

Wisdom shared between Witches 🔮

Well I had to get the W word in somewhere it is Halloween 🎃

& I just couldn’t resist a popping the OM words in there too!  btw OM stands for Orgasmic Magic oooerrr mrs!

Seriously tho SiStars this stuff is magical !

& I’m so excited to be sharing this magic with you 💝

🔮💜💓   O R G A S M I C   M A G I C   💓💜🔮

Starts On Magical Monday 6th November just after bonfire night….

Ignite Your Inner Sparks…. Fall in Love with You & Your Life Again…..⚡️

Read all about it here ~ Orgasmic Magic awaits you lovely

💓 Orgasmic Magic ~ 6 week Online Program ~ Orgasmic Magic aka OM 💓

& in case you aren’t yet part of the free Shine School group click the image below lovely one, excited to welcome you to all sorts of magic, sparkle & shine

You can do this lovely!🌟🔮💗

big love

liz 💓

The pain of not enough….. ❤️

Have you ever felt the pain of not enough…..?

We are conditioned to want for more…. it keeps us on our tippy toes, always wondering when enough will arrive….

What does enough mean to you?

How does the pain of not enough feel?

This can relate to any area of your life…. tune in 🔮

Let your shoulders relax

Take a nice deep breath…. ahhhhhhhh & B R E A T H E

It’s time for some re~conditioning 💡

To release our old outdated selves caught up in pain & struggle & all of those nasties that zap our Shine! 👻

To come back to our bodies, our Wombs, our inner knowing….

To breathe life back into our divine selves…..

That divine spark & sparkle within 💫

& that my lovely is YOU! ⭐️

It’s time to release the NOTs or should that be KNOTS 😬

& to know that the pain of not enough, the knots of tightness & tension held in your body can let go….

You are enough & it’s time for you to love yourself ❤️

Can you feel the truth in that?

When was the last time you gave back to yourself & had some me time…..?

The time is now lovely…..

The call is being sent out…..

Sacred circles of SiStars are gathering…..

Magic is being conjured 🔮

It’s time to rise & SHINE ⭐️💫🌟

To give back to ourselves, balancing mind, body & spirit

It’s time…….. time for a special sort of magic…….

 🔮💜💓  O R G A S M I C   M A G I C  💓💜🔮

Heeheee!! Giggly girly voice pops into my head every time I type those words….. but I simply can’t hold it in…….. I know I’m talking about it lots right now but it’s totally changed my life & it isn’t just about ORGASMS lol!  It’s about self LOVE, Healing, Releasing & our unique powers as women here on earth

Ladies….. We can heal this pain!

We can let go of the not enough’s ( & there’s plenty of em! )

We can do this!

We are strong, powerful, confident women…. That’s my Yoni speaking lol 😂

Seriously tho, we are ahhhhmazing & so are our beautiful bodies ~ Bless us!

Orgasmic Magic starts the day after the fireworks 🎆

Are you ready to ignite your inner spark?

Empower from the inside out?

Let’s do this SiStar 🌟💜

Here’s the link to learn lots more & book your place lovely ~ http://liz-green.com/orgasmic-magic/❤️

Any questions send me a message liz@liz-green.com, we can arrange a little skype chat or I can reply with my guidance…  Tune into your Womb & ask your body if this is for you….

I am here for you ❤️

Big Love

Liz ❤️

PS ~ I’ve been making lots of videos over in the Free Group for Shine School…

Here’s the link to join ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1548420811895064/

or click the image below… & it’ll take you there as if by magic

When was the last time you felt relief ?

It may have come with a wash of tears 😭

It may have come with a happy dance 💃

It may have come with great news

How did that feel?

How would it be for you if you could feel that magical relief more & more in your life ?

What is it that keeps you in~tension ?

Why is it so in~tense ?

Your valve is tightly sealed 

The steam just can’t get out! 

Part of you feels like screaming “Why isn’t it working!!!! Why do I feel this way??? Why me why me why me why me????”

& whatever all of all of that represents for you….

We all get it

It’s part of the human condition ~ conditioning

Our brains are wired this way

& our bodies reflect it!


& all of all of that 💩

What if it could be different?

How would that feel?

Feeling more healthy & vibrant
Having more energy & flow
Thriving rather than striving

Allowing the valve to open & the steam of sadness release….

& B R E A T H E


When we connect with relief….. we release


R E L I E F ~ move the I & E around & you get


It’s time to do this thing called life a better way!

To feel relief more & more

To let go

To clear up

To cleanse ourselves from the inside out 🔮

Welcome to…..💓 O R G A S M I C  M A G I C 💓

A way to clear & cleanse old trauma held within our bodies ~ our wombs ~ our innermost depths of despair 😩

Lovely ladies!!


With our I N N E R  M A G I C 🔮💓

Let me show you how with Orgasmic Magic ~ we start on the 6th November & there are only a handful of places to join us…..

If you feel any resistance, wrongness, shame, guilt or maybe a little naughty, cheeky or uncomfortable then that’s cool too ~ it all is…. these are just the kind of feelings we are going to explore, heal & clear where required!

💡Ping 💡

Clarity is soooooo sweet! 🍭

Btw the meaning of relief

a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.
“much to her relief, she saw the door open”
synonyms: reassurance, consolation, comfort, solace, calmness, relaxation, repose, ease

“it was such a relief to share my secret worries with her”

Your secrets are safe with me lovely 🔮💜

We are all in this together ❤️

Sooooo excited to share this with you & any Qs send me a private message or if you like we can have a little chat on Skype or messenger 

I’m here for you & so are your angels & guides letting you know it’s time for this magical experience 😇

We feel it
We heal it

We can dance in the shadows & bring in the light 🌟

Divine feminine rising 💃

Boom 💥

The sacred circle is gathering 🔮

Here’s the link lovely one ~ http://liz-green.com/orgasmic-magic/