Healing our past to create a brighter future 🌟

 So much of what we are vibrating is doing the creating, if we stay stuck in our stories that’s what we will keep manifesting 😳 the more we live in the past, even if the past was something that upset us earlier in the day or a few days ago, as well as the past we have lived in this lifetime ( or maybe even past lifetimes ) and all the things we can say was “wrong” or “bad” about it, the more we go there the more of it we create.

Heres the key….. It’s not about ignoring it, pushing it down, focusing on something else to quash those crappy feelings… That doesn’t help, as we are still vibrating and resonating with said shit 💩😳

The key is this….. To feel it & than swiftly heal it….

What keeps popping into your daily life experience which triggers you or makes you feel uncomfortable?

What keeps bringing you back to the crap?  Feeling stuck, wrong, not good enough and all of those not so good feelings 😦

Maybe your upbringing, hardships, abandonment, abuse, fears, uncertainty, insecurity and such like.

Maybe what you experienced growing up, growing pains, family issues, struggle, strife and all such like.

Maybe it’s more recent things, stuck doing something you don’t feel aligns with your higher truth, caught up in life, the hamster wheels of existence….. eek!! 😱

Where do you find yourself now? How does it feel? & most importantly what can be changed…… How are you healing yourself during this time of great change?

First of all the most important “job” is one of clearing our vibes, cleansing what creates similar cycles via our habits and patterns, that which comes from within, the Shadow Stuff 💀

The darkness within which can stop us enjoying life in the now by keeping us focused on the past or even worrying about the future, creating from fears and insecurities… Our future is created by the stories we tell as well as how we feel about ourselves.

How do you feel about yourself and what stories are you telling?

Recreating the past over and over again.  Confirming our worst fears that actually we are ‘damaged goods’, we can’t do this, we aren’t good enough, strong enough, abundant enough, brave enough and all of all of that crap 💩

It’s part of the human condition ~ conditioning…..

We have been conditioned to be this way by how our worlds have been created thus far……

Thus far….. & now my lovelys it’s time for change!

Time for tranformation, evolution, growth beyond these old outdated limits which comes from within…. Are you ready?

Yay! I am excited for you…. Vibrational clearing and cleaning is a magical process, I call this clarity coaching and I am here to support you, this last 9 years or so I have completely changed my whole life and world around me.  It’s magical 🔮💜

If you feel it’s time to make changes, if you are fed up of never seeming to get where you would love to go and experience that which you would love to experience here on lifeship earth then you are in the perfect place, the Angels led to you here 😇 it’s divine alignment ⭐️

Welcome to Earthship SHINE…. A WHOLE NEW WAY OF BEING

& a whole new YOUniverse…. it’s time to released the past, to talk beautifully, walk beautifully & live beautifully…. Ready? 🙋🏻💃🏻🔮

SHINE ~ Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment

Sooooo excited to share this with you lovely 💞

Starting early October~late November I am offering just 2 magical places for 2 lovely ladies to join me for 8 Weeks to a New YOUniverse One to One Skype Coaching Package.  It includes 8 private One to One Skype sessions with me which are each 90 minutes long.

This is a rare opportunity as I don’t offer very many private one to ones and the “work” or should that be Magic we will create together could possibly transform your whole YOUNIVERSE….


Heres the link to my one to one coaching page scroll to the bottom to book or take a read if you felt you would like to learn more, I’m here for you lovely 🙋🏻 Yes liz I’d love to learn more about one to one coaching with you

If you don’t feel ready for this package yet it’s all good here are some other magical offerings see what you feel drawn to, click the link & read more 💞

The 7 Day Chakra Shine Video Program

The SHINE SOS ~ 8 week online video coaching program

SHINE SiStarhood ~ here to cheer you on lovely one

Big Love ❤️


Ps if you aren’t yet part of the Free SHINE SCHOOL click on th pic below to join 🌟💜

That inner ache that’s calling you to something bigger….😕

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🌟 RISE SiStar RISE 🌟 With each new day the sun rises naturally…

It’s been a good few weeks since I’ve shared here, soooo much has happened….  Many seeds have been planted & I can really feel the energy of harvest time here in the countryside 🌱🌳🌻

We had an intense period of change with last new moon & eclipse & September is set to be a month of adjusting to this new flow, connecting with new ways of living and being.  Can you feel it?

I have certainly been feeling it, being called to trust the process…. Some days it’s felt like the sun may not rise in my life… But it did and it has and it’s all good ( even though it doesn’t always feel that way 😦 )

This coming week we have the full moon 🌝 we are being called to clear out, let go of that which is ready for release, to trust that each day, just as the sun sets it will rise again.  To trust that sometimes even though we feel we can’t see the light in our lives it’s still there, even if hidden behind some dark clouds.

It’s time to consciously connect with this light in whatever magical ways work for us.  To clear our vibes, keep the faith, trust the process and allow things to unfold naturally 🍃🍂

Autum is just around the corner here in England, just as the trees let go of their leaves we too are being called to release.

What do you feel is ready for release in your life?

What’s no longer serving you or your life vision?

For me I am releasing struggle, that part of me who thinks life is hard ( the mind conditioning many of us has been taught )

Working at life.  Working hard.  Doing too much rather than balancing inspired ( in spirit ) action with rest, rejuvenation, relaxation & flow 😌

The key is balance. 🔑🔮

Becoming balanced beings, naturally flowing with our own cycles as well as the cycles of life and actually when the sun sets in one part of the world it’s still shining in another…. Balancing the light & the dark 😎

For me now my days have completely changed, most mornings are spent on my own personal “work”, my magical “work” 🔮

Shamanic drumming, ceremony, connecting with spirit, seeking guidance through journeying.  Journeying with nature, my guides, my guides and my own inner truth and knowing.

This has brought me to a place of deeper understanding, deeper knowing that actually all is well, all is very very well, whatever’s happening in my life and the world around me I feel much more at peace 😇

I am feeling the light more and more 🌞

& for that I am grateful 🙏🏼

I feel a huge part of this new found sense of peace connects with me following my inspiration and setting sail a few months ago to commit to doing that which I am here to do on earth 🌍 my afternoons are spent doing what I love, coaching, supporting, shining lights 💫

There is a true sense of freedom when we free ourselves up to do what we are here to do, when we allow ourselves to shine and shine through the shit too 💩😃

Transforming it, transmuting it, changing it and allowing it to be the mulch from which our magical seeds sprout and eventually grow into something magical 🌻

I would love to support you to do this too, I’ve been through a lot in my life and I know how tough it can feel.  Sometimes I’ve thought about checking out, giving up, not following my dreams and all of all of that crap 😦💩

It hurts!

We are being called! We are being called to wake up to how powerful we really are, especially as women, sistars, divine feminine beings here on earth during this huge time of evolution and shift.  It’s time to get support, to connect with our sistars, to be here for each other and support each other to rise & shine, just like the sun 🌞

I would love to invite you to join me at whatever level feels right for you, there’s lots on offer and this my lovely is what I am here on earth to do, it’s why I feel sooooo ALIVE & in flow…. I made a conscious choice to do this, to create this and most importantly to go through with it all, clearing my vibes as I go 🙋🏻 Shining a light for you 🌟

Heres what’s on offer at the moment, ladies only please  ( & in case you are reading this at a later date there will always be magic flowing from Liz~land 😇 )

SHINE School ~ Your gateway to magic & miracles ~ it’s FREE & it’s fabulous, here’s the link to join us click here for shine school free group

SHINE SiStarhood ~ Support, SiStars & magical weekly themes to support you on your life journey, including weekly clarity coaching sessions with EFT Tapping on transformational Tuesday’s ~ click here for the SiStarhood

The 7 Day Chakra SHINE ~ realign, refine, balance & SHINE click here for the 7 day chakra shine I shared a chakra balance taster sesh over in shine school this week, you can watch the video below….

Magical Moon SHINE Clarity classes for full & new moon, tapping & clearing the contrast, coming into alignment with the magic of the moon, also includes tarot reading ~ click here for moon shine

SHINE SOS ~ is coming soon, I’m just recording week 6 with a small sacred circle of SiStars, stay tuned it’ll be available in the coming weeks…

SHINE stands for



Inspiration &



&&&& I’ve saved the best till last… Drumroll please….

in amongst all of this magic one of the key things which has completely changed my whole life, mind, body & spirit is YONI SHINE 🔮💜

I’m in the midst of launching the website, for now I’ve created a Facebook page and started to share with my fellow SiStars who get it… Who are ready to go deeper, clear the old wounds, wounded wombs and let go of this old crap once and for all…. Ahhhhhhh

& B R E A T H E 😌

heres the link to the Yoni Shine page…. I’d love for you to join us Yoni Shine ~ empower yourself from the inside out


& as always if I can support you on your path of empowerment I’m here for you lovely 🙏🏼💞

just get in touch & let me know, I love to hear from you 🙋🏻

big love

liz ❤️

ps enjoy the free chakra shine taster below….

🌟 Empowering Women to SHINE Inside & Out 🌟

It’s a new day it’s a new dawn & I’m feeling good 💃🏻 Sooooo much has been happening in the background since I shared here about 3 weeks ago.  I feel like my whole life has been transformed……. & it has!  It’s wonderful to be honouring my new day & my new dawn here with you all 😀

The transformtions I’ve made took courage, they took me to break through some glass ceilings of stuck cycles, break down some dams of limitation and bust through some barriers of not good enough ?

&&&& I DID IT !! Whooohoooooo 💃🏻

I have liberated myself from so many old outdated parts of me that were keeping me small & stuck, that got me putting out an SOS call to my angels all those months ago when I thought that nothing ever really worked out easily for me and life felt hard. 😐

Have you ever felt like this ?

Let me Shine a light for you ?

Since then I have continued to powerfully tune in & trust the guidance I am being given even if it felt scary, weird, unsafe or maybe even a little crazy 😎

I’ve been doing things I never imagined and it feels sooooo good!  Everything is flowing soooooo easily including M A G I C 🔮

& I wanted to celebrate here with you today 💃🏻

“Soooo Liz….. What have you been up to” I hear you ask

Sooooo Much!  Too much to type here today, but I  have been & will be opening up much more over the coming days, weeks & months over in my private ladies only groups, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s for the SiStars only 🌟

Ok, I’ll share a little smidgen of the secrets here today, if you promise to really take it in…. Breathe it in….. Trust this can happen for you too 🙏🏼

The key for me was realising what I am here on earth to do, I mean really understand it deeply, know it in my core, my womb & to fully embrace it and empower myself to be true to be me & more importantly FREE to be me ?

To clear the deep wounds held within my womb & my body, to clear the deep tensions and old cellular crap that was hanging around… What helped me do this ?  Yoni SHINE, yes I said it…. Yoni SHINE 🌟

& it’s all good!!  Its completly transformed my life & I would love for you to do the same you bright shiny beautiful lady ??

I am here on earth to support women to empower theirselves.  To be a lighthouse & illuminate the way for the lovely ladies out there ( ( yes you ! ) )

To support SiStars to SHINE ⭐️

Goddesses to Glow 🔥

Ladies to Luminate 🌞

& all of that lovely good stuff that comes along with SHINING

Sooooooo, Yoni SHINE website is coming soon but I didn’t want to block the flow of this lady magic so I’ve created a page for you to visit today…. Yoni Shine click here

I’ve also just updated my website with my new header, Liz Green Clarity Coach ~ Supporting Women to SHINE from the Inside Out 🌻

I hope you like it

Do you know what SHINE stands for?

Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment

Drumroll please….. Here’s Yoni SHINE ~ ooooo YeS I wanna know more about Yoni SHINE ?

I can’t say too much on here right now but if you would like to share in this journey & be part of Liz~Land I would love to invite you to join SHINE School for FREE where you can watch my videos and share in the excitement ?

YES ~ SHINE School is FREE yipeeeee! It’s your gateway to magic & miracles ~ join & watch my big announcement of liberation I shared yesterday ~ Yes liz I’d love to be part of SHINE School

Or maybe it’s time to delve deeper into your personal emPOWerment ? take part in some of the clarity classes on offer, they empower on different levels, from monthly Moon SHINE groups to 7 day Chakra SHINE to 5 days of Magical Meditation & of course the Shine SOS which opens again in 5 weeks ?? Yes liz I’d love to be part of the SiStarhood

Later this year things are going to be hotting up going super magical & bringing out the brightest shiniest diamonds held deep within our hearts 💗

We have the 5 days of Yoni SHINE 🌟

& the  O R G A S M I C  M A G I C  🔮 6 week online coaching program, I am sooooo excited !

Announcements will be made over in SHINE School & most of my videos are shared live in there now too ~ here’s the link again lovely ~ Join SHINE School here for FREE 

This weeks theme over in the SHINE SiStarhood is all about connecting with our inner truth, I shared a very POWerful video about my liberation on Monday, it was pretty wild !!! & it involved fire ?  & yesterday we eft tapped on truth & letting go of anything blocking our deep truths from with.  Each week we have a new theme & you also get coaching & support from me in a secret private group ~ here’s the lovely link to join ~ SHINE SiStarhood Join Here 


⭐️Its time!  Time to SHINE ⭐️

Big Love

Liz ❤️

How to clear cycles habits & patterns of stuck~ness ?

Clarity bulb to help you grow & glow

When we start to make new choices in our lives to make changes & evolve beyond points where we were once stuck, all kinds of limits, blocks & stops come up…..

The part of us who has learned certain ways to keep us “safe” and usually small too then starts to put up the barriers via fears & concerns about how life might be if we make new choices & start to do more of the things we love & connect more deeply with what we are here on earth to do

Our habits, patterns & cycles start to show up this can feel really shit if we keep re~cycling without any changes….

The clarity key is this

Choose change
Choose vibe clearing
Stay the same ?

What are you choosing ?

When the feelings & thoughts of “I can’t do this!” “I don’t know if I’m good enough, strong enough, worthy enough, clever enough” & all of all of that crap ? make the choice to clear said thoughts feelings & vibes & change them ~ sometimes this can also include statements such as “I can’t afford, I’m sick, tired, too old, too tall, too fat, too small” it’s the same old shit that keeps us recycling the same old cycles….. eek!

We are stuck in loops!
We keep creating the same reality
What we vibrate we create
Words hold vibration
They connect with feeling places within us

The only way to truly change your universe is from within ~ it’s your YOUniverse

You can do this lovely one
& I can support you ~ it’s what I’m here on earth to do ❤️❤️

To support you to clear the crap that holds you back & SHINE 🌟

To honour your gifts, your talents, your uniqueness, your inner light that would really love to SHINE bright 🌟

For you to know that you are enough & that you don’t have to stay stuck & small

🌟It s  S a f e  f o r  Y o u  T o  S H I N E 🌟

It’s what you are here on earth to do ?

Can you feel the truth in that ?

Imagine how much fun it would be doing what you love each day

Imagine how happy you would be if you could live the life you’ve always dreamed of

You can !

Make the choice
Clear the crap
Don’t be held back
Move forwards
Keep going
Keep clearing
Trust the process
Connect with divine order
Connect with magic
Ask the angels to support you
Get support from those you trust
And clear the way

On magical Monday 31st July we start the very first SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week online coaching program which will support you with all of the above & then some it’s going to be magical  if this post resonates & you are ready to light you inner fire and flame on to Shine On SiStar message me ❤️ I am here for you lovely ❤️ this is going be epic!

You can learn lots more here ~ yes Liz I’d love to learn more about SHINE SOS

It’s time ~  time to SHINE BRIGHTLY

To join the free SHINE School click on the image below

Big love
Liz ❤️


So tired ~ tired of working…… It can be different my lovely ?

 The light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion.  The tunnel is……

The problem is that sometimes this illusory and sometimes painful tunnel can seem like its never going to end ?

My truth is this……

We choose the tunnels we get stuck in and we choose to stay stuck.


We manifest said tunnel and change our feelings, emotions and vibration about it.

The one thing which matters in all of all of this life we now live, including the perceived shit storms it rains on us, the one thing that maters is this….

We create that which we vibrate  ?

Our inner self mirrors our outside YOUniverse ?

Its an inside job!

Thats our “work” here on earth, and yes it feels hard and difficult sometimes, the journey of vibe clearing is not an easy one, many won’t even go there or wouldn’t even understand this post and that’s ok too.  It’s all ok.

The thing is lovely one ? You are here.  You’ve made the choice to free yourself from being stuck in the tunnel and move towards the light.  I’ve been there with you in stucksville, I know how it feels to have to work hard at life, I literally got sick of it with dis….ease.

Let me shine a light for you lovely ????

You can do this!

You can make the choice!

You can set the intention to clear your vibes each day, when you get triggered by the tunnel, when you feel those tears of frustration, disappointment and sadness.  B r e a t h e  d e e p l y ?

L e t   G o

Your life can be much easier, when you allow it, go with the flow, do that which makes you glow ?

Commit to your vibe clearing journey, make the choice, choose it.

Do what you LOVE ?

Or stay stuck in the tunnel working, needing, wanting and trying to get to the light, it’s over here beautiful, I’m shining it for you ?

YOU are here to SHINE BRIGHTLY my lovely ???

& when you find a ‘job’ you love the truth is you never have to work another day in your life ??

I am here to support you with that, to offer healing, inspiration and natural empowerment so that you can know who you truly are……..

Ready? Coooool ?

You are cordially invited to become a SiStar of the SHINE School, its totally FREE, it’s a private Facebook group and you have me there sharing snippets of inspiration throughout the week, here’s a lovely link with lots more info ~ yes liz I’d absolutely love to join

There are deeper levels to go if you feel you are ready for some extra shine ? The SHINE SiStarhood offers a smaller secret group, each week we have a magical theme and I also share eft tapping, coaching and clearing videos each week for healing.  Here’s the link with lots more info ~ yes liz I’d love to join shine SiStarhood sounds like just what I need

Deeper still?  SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week coaching program ~ starts 31st July and there are only a handful of places left, it’s going to be SUPER SHINE TIME! Yes Liz i’d love to learn more about SHINE S.O.S

Even deeper? I can support you one to one via Skype or in person, get in touch ~ mail liz@liz-green.com

I’m here for you lovely ?

beaming love and hugs

Liz ???


This one goes out to my sisters…….?

Dearest Sisters ?

Take a moment today to look in the mirror.  

Actually look.

Look at your beautiful self.  

Look from within.

See the light that shines in your eyes.  

Open up.

Catch a glimpse of how magical you truly are.  

Yes you!

Let go of the self judgements.  


Let go of the ugly, the fat, the not good enough.

Let go of the stupid, dirty, unworthy.

Let go of the perceived failures, fears and worry.

Let go of the tension, the tightness, the wrinkles and lines.

Let go of the notion that you are not enough.

&   B  R  E  A  T  H  E

&   R  E  L  E  A  S  E

&   R  E P  E  A  T  ?


You are beautiful.

You are magical.  

You are the light.

You are perfectly imperfect.  

“I’m~Perfect” ?

You at good enough.

You are wise.  

You are worthy.

You are powerful, strong & corageous!

You can relax now dearest SiStar ?




the woman staring back at you from the mirror wants you to know this……


Y  O  U    A  R  E    E  N  O  U  G  H ?


j  u  s t   a  s    y  o  u    a  r  e   ?



Beaming you soooooo much love ?

Liz ?

Click the image below if you would like to shine even brighter and feel even better…. Its SHINE School ~ It’s FREE and it’s all for you my lovely one ???

How to clear the crap ? & SHINE like the amazing star that you are ?

Shit happens! ? that’s life! The key is what we do with said shit….

“When life throws you shit turn it into manure and grow something beautiful” ???

Life is a beautiful paradox of dark and light, shadows and shine, we are here to play this game, to transform and transmute it into the foundations from which we grow and evolve.

In the darkest of rooms even just a little light can illuminate the whole room! How amazing is that….

We can do the same…. From the inside out….

Clear up on the crap feelings, emotions, let go of the fears, frustrations, disappointments and self judgements. ?

This is a process and when commit to it with the powerful intention of positive change then magic happens ?

Are you ready for some magic in your life?

Are you ready to clear the crap that holds you back?

If not now when?

It’s time SiStars ?

Time to SHINE ???

& SHINE Brigthly we will ??

The doors are now open to the SHINE School , it’s completely FREE and I welcome you with open arms and an open heart ?

SHINE School is a private group for SiStars only where I share regular upliftment, inspiration and support. It’s only been open a day and we already have nearly 40 lovely ladies in there… My intention is 222 in the next 2 weeks, then let’s see where the magic takes us ?

Excited to welcome you over there lovely one ? this afternoon I made a video about been afraid of our power and our light and read my favourite passage

Enjoy the little video I made earlier and here’s the link to join ~ YES Liz I’d love I join shine school for free

if you’d like to delve deeper come along and join the shine sistarhood or the shine SOS you are soooo welcome lovely, just message me direct liz@liz-green.com and let’s have a chat ??

big hugs and lotsa shiny love ??

liz ???

? Everything is possible when we allow it to be so…. ?

The message on the tea says “to be calm is the highest achievement of self” & I wholeheartedly agree ?

It’s been an amazing week of ease and flow as I have cleansed and cleared those parts of me who held myself back from sharing my gifts and talents and tended to focus upon serving and support before I “allowed” myself to open doors to the magical stuff I offer as part of SHINE School ?

I truly feel that everything is possible, I feel a new level of trust, faith, peace and most of all allowing….?

After receiving the perfect words and flow for the SHINE S.O.S, I decided to make a video to share more, part of me feeling uncomfortable as I didn’t want to be like a saleswoman or be too much in my masculine energy ? not that that’s a bad thing but for me I prefer things to happen naturally, but then without me sharing information how would people even know what magical support I am offering….. Hummmmm

its an interesting paradox…..

So share I did!  Within one hour 2 lovely ladies signed up so we have 5 now including me and just 7 places left, if you book before 11th July you also get a one to one Skype sesh with me before we get stated so we can get lots and lots of magic flowing and get you glowing! ?

I’ve updated the page for the SHINE S.O.S with all the magical information and rundown of what each week involves, I’ve also added the video on there too ??

Aint no stopping me now…. I’m in the groove!! Whoohoooo ??

heres a link so you can have a nosy and see if you feel you would like to join us ~ it’s going to be a VERY POWerful 8 weeks that’s for sure ? ooooo yes liz I’d love to read more and watch your information video about shine SOS

heres a little video of my excitement and words of encouragement for you to do the same….

Share your gifts SiStar! You are unique and beautiful and what you offer is amazing, never doubt that, always believe in yourself ? the shine sistarhood will also support you with this click here to learn more about this magical sistarhood

& if you like my baby blue nails on the picture above I made a little video about self care the other day too ~ it’s below the one below… Lol ?

Beaming you soooo much love
Liz ???